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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Hi I made your Nutella Cheesecake loved it got great reviews, But then I decided to change it up a bit. My grandgirl told me it wasn't enough nutella so I added 1 cup and I also added 2 lg. Tbsps. Of cool whip topping mixed it all up poured it into the shell. With the nuts on top I also added grated dark sweet chocolate. Chilled and served.yummy,yummy, yummy. You should try it its unbelievable. Thanks

    "Posted by mrs.hb"

  • Instead of melting butter in the microwave to get it to room temperature - just grate it! Works a treat every time.

    "Posted by The Midnight Baker"

  • When adding eggs - whether in baking or anything else - crack each egg one at a time into a separate bowl. This way, if there is something wrong with the egg, you do not need to throw out everything else.

    "Posted by craig74"

  • This is my mom's tip passed down to me - add 1 tablespoon cornflour to biscuits and butter when you are processing them for a tart base - it will ensure that the tart base stays together and does not crumble when you cut it.

    "Posted by passionfruit"

  • If you've forgotten to take your butter out of the refrigerator and need to soften it in a hurry, here's the best and safest way I have found. Put a stick of butter in a gallon zip top bag. Next, take a rolling pin or other implement and beat the living tar out of the butter. After a very short while, the butter has become pliable and room temperature.

    "Posted by SharpHouse"

  • When I bake my granny's wholewheat breakfast buns I give them a few brushstrokes of Nigella's chili & garlic oil on top and sprinkle some crushed thyme, rosemary or oregano on them before they go into the oven. The kitchen smells wonderful and the buns taste great with cheddar cheese, ginger marmalade or whatever.

    "Posted by Cougar"

  • Use spray oil for cake tins to stop the batter sticking to the pan. Also good for making scrambled eggs in the microwave just spray the measuring jug and they turn out perfectly.

    "Posted by bossylady"

  • Add a handful of choc chips to the batter and cook in the usual way for something a little different and a tad sinful. They are delicious.

    "Posted by Jetski"

  • Instead of sugar in pikelets (or pancakes) use Golden Syrup to give them a lovely flavour boost! I also use a teaspoon of cream of tarter and a half-teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda rather than baking powder as that also seems to make them nicer.

    "Posted by JaneMaldives"

  • If you happen to have an evening where you decide to relax and make this divine recipe from Nigella's Kitchen book, and you find yourself in a situation where (for the first time ever) your banana bread, well, crumbles into a thousand pieces as you are trying to fee it from its mold, I suggest the following: don't panic, taste the bread while it is crumbled all over your kitchen counter, when you realize it is AMAZING, take a round glass pie dish, scoop the banana bread into it, go whip some glorious cream (with a hint of vanilla) and serve it....in my house last night, it only yielded 4 servings!

    "Posted by trifunovici"