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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Great way of checking if your cakes are ready is to dip a coctail stick into the middle. Usual rules appy - gooey stick means it's not quite done, once it comes out clean they're ready! Cheap and convenient!

    "Posted by kaycake"

  • If you want to start baking 'right now' but your butter's in the fridge, there's an easy way to get it quickly to room temperature. Pull out your old box grater. Grating the butter on the coarse grate side will have it at room temperature in no time.

    "Posted by Coby"

  • To enhance the taste of the drizzle, try adding 2 x 5ml tsps of Gin!! It's delightful!

    "Posted by JimSpiers"

  • When baking choux pastry always use a greased tin never baking parchment or greased glass as the eclairs will stick to it. Also when the tray is greased put a drop of water on it and swirl it around before you pipe the pastery out as to create more steam, which will help the choux rise more.

    "Posted by Cara-Davey"

  • After opening, to keep brown sugar soft, roll tightly to force air out of plastic, then place in a zip-lock freezer bag.

    "Posted by Ruthey12"

  • Add mixed spice to pastry mix when making mince pies for a lovely festive taste...yummy!!

    "Posted by chocolatefifi"

  • If a recipe calls for oil and something thick and sticky like honey, measure the oil in the measuring container first, empty into the bowl, and then measure the honey, the oil lubricates the container and the honey just slips out!

    "Posted by Smungahh"

  • I don't have an oven adjusting the temperature. My cake came out of the oven hard. I found a solution is: put a cake tray with water inside on the lower rack of the oven, & on the rack I put the muffin tin or any baking dish. I also check every now and then through the oven glass window.

    "Posted by panok"

  • First try, made this wrong. Round tin, too small, too deep- result gungy in middle pud which was gorgeous as a dessert. I have since made it right several times with new correct tin, lovely brownies. Only problem is my son likes it wrong and it's not easy making it wrong right!

    "Posted by oldishcook1"

  • Glycerine is a wonderful ingrediant when added to cakes as it prevents cakes from having a "dry" texture (only a teaspoon is required) Glycerine is also effective when added to icings as it adds a beautiful sheen. (Nigella fans of Australia Glycerine is available from the Baking aisle of the supermarket and is manafactured by "Queens")

    "Posted by alisonlsmith"