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Kitchen Wisdom

  • When you need to cut butter into flour for things like scones or pie crust, freeze the weighed amount you need, then use a box grater to grate the butter into the flour - et voila! the butter is in small pieces and needs minimal handling to rub into the flour

    "Posted by RicaSuave521"

  • If you're baking with lemon zest (incorporating it into cakes, cookies, even lemon curd), add the zest to the sugar you've measured out and rub it in well - it helps to better release the oils and increase the flavor (hat tip: Dorie Greenspan)

    "Posted by RicaSuave521"

  • If they come out too soft, you can always make it look like you wanted to make pudding :3

    "Posted by Friederike"

  • When making any type of muffins, the trick to getting the batch beautifully moist is to add roughly one and a half grated apples to the mixture. This also keeps the muffin moist for days afterwards and there is no trace of apple in the taste.

    "Posted by liamfwilliams"

  • You need to get all your ingredients at room temperature before you start. If you haven’t got time, milk can be warmed and butter can be softened –cautiously – in the microwave. Fridge-cold eggs can have the chill taken off them by being placed in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes

    "Posted by Nigella"

  • To create self-raising flour from plain flour - for 150g/1 cup plain flour use half-teaspoon baking powder and half-teaspoon of bicarbonate soda (also known as baking soda)

    "Posted by Nigella"

  • Whatever you do.....don't panic!

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • There's no such thing as too much baking spray!

    "Posted by samd"

  • Some cakes are supposed to have a "rip" running over the top. If you like this to be nice and straight, run your finger along the middle of the cake batter once you've poured into the mould. Another solution for the braver ones amongst you: After a couple of minutes, just as the cake starts to rise, open the oven door and make a straight cut over the middle of your cake (lengthways). The rip will follow this cut

    "Posted by Edda"

  • When baking bread do not use tepid water use cold, it works better because heat kills yeast and this way takes a little longer to prove but worth it .

    "Posted by Crafty Cookie"