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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If you're having trouble finding gold buttons for cupcakes and such, as I am here in the U.S. you can make them yourself by lightly spritzing some M&M candies with vodka (I use vanilla vodka), then immediately transferring them to a ziploc bag with a nice amount of gold luster dust (usually found at cake decorating stores or online) until they're nicely coated, and finally drying them on a piece of wax or parchment paper.
    If you want to make them child-friendly, I would think you could use lemon, vanilla or almond essence or oil.

    "Posted by AllanS"

  • When making the delicious rice crispies squares (Nigella Expresss) it is a lot easier to use
    neutral veggie oil (e.g. sunflower) instead of gloves when putting the warm stuff into whatever form is used. Just rub your hands with oil like you would with hand cream. This way the warm mass won't stick to your fingers. This works nicely when handling any sticky
    dough as well.

    "Posted by Kerstin"

  • When adding golden syrup to mixtures, heating the spoon in a mug of boiling water makes the golden syrup fall neatly off the spoon.

    "Posted by AnnaP"

  • If you love chewy cookies, as I do, add one tablespoon of corn syrup and one tablespoon of water to any cookie batter.  Your cookies will always come out soft and delicious! 

    "Posted by Linny"