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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Warmed up olive oil, dip a piece of cotton wool in and place in the ear to remove stubborn ear wax.

    "Posted by Crafty Cookie"

  • An egg yolk, mixed with banana and a table spoon of olive oil is a nice face mask. Give it about half an hour and your skin looks nice

    "Posted by The White Rabbit"

  • Tomato ketchup is good for taking the 'green' tinge out of highlighted blonde hair afer swimming in chlorinated water. I have done this myself and it made me gag in the shower but worked a treat. Just make sure you've got some lovely smelling conditioner on hand to combat the smell!

    "Posted by soozyb"

  • A very good pep-up mask for dull, tired hair is a mask made of 1 part vodka, 2 parts mayo. Or: 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon whiskey, 1 teaspoon lukewarm olive oil. Don't rinse your hair with hot water though! The egg might curdle. Yuk!

    "Posted by Edda"

  • A good thing for acne-prone skin is a paste made out of ground dahl and turmeric, mixed with a little boiled and cooled water.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Hair bleach needed? Chamomile tea as a last rinse. Use two bags and save them. Apply the bags on the eyes to combat swollen eyes.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • To clear greasy skin: Beat loose some egg white, apply to skin, allow to dry. The tightening of the egg whites feels horrid but most of the excess grease in the skin will have gone after you rinse the egg whites off and a lot of the blackheads (if you have any) will just have squeezed themselves out.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • To have shinier hair: a drop of vinegar or lemon juice in the rinsing water.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Oily skin can also be helped by using a mask made out of grated cucumber (or sliced, whichever you prefer. Works great on puffy eyes too.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Brittle nails? Almond oil, olive oil, or lemon zest (rub the nails with the stuff and rinse with tepid water).

    "Posted by Edda"