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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Dry skin on the feet and no money for a pedicure? Rub with a mix of olive oil and salt. Rinse off with tepid water.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Rolled oats are known to be great as an exfoliant. So is mashed banana with a bit of salt.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • If you've got some almonds left over and you're afraid they're a bit stale, grind them up, pour over hot water and use the strained liquid as a hair mask or a conditioner. Great for dry hair I'm told.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • After too much washing up mix two teaspoons of olive oil with one teaspoon of sugar and use as a hand-rub. This exfoliates, brightens and nourishes your hands and nails all at the one time.

    "Posted by Fiorenza"

  • Soak cotton pads in espresso coffee. Squeeze out so much so they don't really drip, then place under your eyes for 5 minutes. The caffeine will de-puff your "bags" very effectively.

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • Mashed avocado and almond oil makes a really fabulous moisturising hair and face mask

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • This is actually a tan remover and its pretty effective too.  You'll need first press coconut milk, it has to be thick add some turmeric powder to it and rub over tanned surface, and wash up after it dries.  It might be helpful if you use organic turmeric and grind it to a paste.  Also rice flour with curds mixed and applied all over and washed after it dries is also a very good tan remover.  (It itches horribly as it dries, but it is worth it.) 

    "Posted by chaitanya"

  • Tea tree oil supposedly keeps headlice away, 3 drops on a childs head every morning

    "Posted by cupcake chaos"

  • Do you sometimes get those little, maddening, hard and infected bits of skin sticking up at the sides of your fingernails? Apparently garlic juice stings like mad but is an excellent natural antibiotic. Doesn't smell all too nice, but still... If you're desperate enough...?

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Bicarbonate of soda and water dabbed onto insect bites and heat rashes takes the itchy feeling away.

    "Posted by Crafty Cookie"