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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Vinegar for stings is brilliant and cheaper than anthisan

    "Posted by Crafty Cookie"

  • Keep some white vinegar in your beach bag to put on jelly fish stings

    "Posted by JillyB"

  • To remove garlic smells from your hands, rub them over your stainless steel sink. It works amazingly and instantly no matter how much garlic you've used

    "Posted by Eadie"

  • Spray oil is excellent for greasing baking tins, and especially paper cake/muffin cases, which are otherwise ungreaseable

    "Posted by Sauce_pot"

  • If you are sick and have a cough, dried sage which is left to infuse in previously boiled water is a great healing remedy.  Drink whilst it's very hot you can add sugar to taste.  My family use it all the time and every time I make Nigella's Sage and Onion Chicken they ask me if the chicken was sick as he is full of sage.  I have to add that they love the dish. 

    "Posted by Tatt"

  • I was having a look at your "kitchen wisdoms" section of the site.  I saw the post about using aloe juice to help with burns.  One that has worked for me over the passed few years is egg whites.I always end up burning myself when baking and always have an egg shell with some egg white in laying in the bin (ewww, i know).  Thanks, SamPS

    "Posted by Hettie"