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Kitchen Wisdom

  • when you are cuting or touching an onion, your hands will smell a really strong bad smell after. So rub them against stainless steel and then.... bam! Smell is gone.

    "Posted by jadeywadey56789"

  • I made gorgeous Nigella ice cream but substituted her coffee with Camp liquid coffee. This coffee is already sweetened but the sweetness of the ice cream was not overbearing. Very easy to make and delicious. May be good to put into silicone cups before freezing.

    "Posted by Carolefrances"

  • Put a fresh stick of Celery in the bag to refresh stale bread.

    "Posted by goldenrock1947"

  • To get rid of stubborn black or brown stains on the inside of cups and mugs- rinse the cup out and then pour some table salt in it and rub inside the cup till the stain has been removed.To avoid stains altogether, especially with coffee, pour the milk in first!.Works a charm!.

    "Posted by Ejfitz"

  • When using a grater or zester I always use a corn silk brush to get all the little tidbits stuck to the grater and no waste. Especially good when zesting citrus.

    "Posted by newsymom"

  • When using coconut milk in a dish, burn a small amount of the milk down in a pan until clear. Use this as your cooking oil, instead of vegetable/olive oil.

    "Posted by NewishCook"

  • When slicing potatoes for Hasselback potatoes, place the potato on a wooden spoon and slice - the roundness of the spoon prevents you from slicing your spud all the way through!

    "Posted by mollybuckley"

  • SUBSTITUTE FOR FROZEN CRANBERRIES (if not available) Soak 50g Dried Cranberries in water, cranberry juice, apple or orange juice for 20 to 30 mins before baking or chutney making

    "Posted by Suzanne9"

  • Light a candle when chopping onions - it really really works.

    "Posted by NicolleE"

  • Putting 3-4 cloves in sugar container will keep the ants at bay!!

    "Posted by buddieface"