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Kitchen Wisdom

  • To easily remove batter from the wire whips that come with your mixer when making cakes etc. Take a rubber spatula and cut a thin slit down the middle of the spatula, then run the spatula down the wires of the whip to easily remove batters.

    "Posted by Cherig46"

  • Rubber bands are very useful in the kitchen.  To compress or weigh a terrine or gravlax, a few strong bands will hold a board or plate down nicely. Beats balancing tins or other objects on the food (which always seem to slip off and take up a lot of room). 

    When transporting a pot or casserole, a rubber band looped over each side handle and the handle on the lid will hold the lid on firmly and save the contents from sloshing out. 

    "Posted by Mmartini"

  • When washing vegetables or grains of rice, save the used water for watering the plants. Natural fertilizer for the plants.

    "Posted by Fiza Rashid"

  • don't put salt before turmeric otherwiswe the color of tumeric does not get vivid

    "Posted by deipa"

  • Before slicing an avocado, dip it into boiling water for only 30 seconds - it will stay green for longer and will be easier to peel.

    "Posted by passionfruit"

  • to stop mushrooms sweating and fungal growth when in the fridge, remove them from the plastic packaging and place in a brown paper bag like the ones used in supermarkets that you place loose mushrooms in. they will not sweat in the bag but may become dehydrated if left unused for a while. but that's not a problem just drop them into clean water for a few hours and they will re-hydrate. no more waste.

    "Posted by robert stewart"

  • Pour left over red and white wine into ice cube trays and freeze; when cubes are frozen, store in snap lock bags for use when you require just a little wine to enrich a sauce, gravy or stock - perfect!!

    "Posted by Lizzie4Allan"

  • The yam Nigella tried in Brazil is Arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza) I would grow it here in Thailand but I think it grows above 1K meters. Ed

    "Posted by edwardo"

  • A great way to guarantee the purest 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, adopt an Olivio tree and get the oil direct from Italy.

    "Posted by bobpowell"

  • Keep a few onions into the veg tray of your fridge. The cooled ones while peeling and chopping do not make your eyes water!

    "Posted by tiltan"