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Kitchen Wisdom

  • When zesting a lemon using the fine side of your kitchen grater, place a piece of kitchen paper or as we call it in NZ bakingpaper onto the surface first, then grate the lemon. It makes clean up easier when you remove it and you can simply slide the extra zest from the paper making your effort more productive.

    "Posted by buzzybea"

  • Use oil spray on uncooked pasta a minute before throwing them in the boiling salty water. You'l never get sticky pasta EVER!.

    "Posted by Gatovich"

  • If you want to remove the garlic smell from your mouth, drink a glass of milk.

    "Posted by florideportocal"

  • Once eggs are hard-boiled, cool them enough to be handled, then gently dent the shell all over and place in cold water for a few minutes. The shell will then just lift away easily.

    "Posted by khaynes"

  • Keep fresh ginger in the freezer. Its easier to grate and you don't have to peel it!

    "Posted by T.K."

  • It is always so difficult to get the pip out of the avocado after you have cut it in half, you either damage the avo's flesh or like me almost cut my finger off, well my brother taught me this: Take the knife you used to cut the avo and chop it into the pip like those samurai movies then turn the knife sideways and out comes the pip and the avo still looks good.

    "Posted by Marnie1412"

  • When berries (strawberries, blueberries,, rasberries, etc) are in season,buy them in bulk, lay them out in a single layer on a cookie sheet with sides and place in freezer. When frozen solid, place in a zippie bag and store for when they are not in season.

    "Posted by Little Bit"

  • Tamarind paste mixed with a little tumeric, milk and honey makes a great face mask for drawing out most impurities .

    "Posted by blackpoppy"

  • I didn't follow this advice many times with success but usually it's a great simple rule that runs in my family: Where we use garlic we don't use onions. Where we use onions we don't use garlic. Ever. I know that's an old one but many don't know about it...

    "Posted by Giulas"

  • I save the bits of vegetables not used in the Sunday roast, e.g. broccolli stalk, cabbage core, carrot peel and whizz them up in the food processor then freeze. I use this in my bolognese as a padding so I only use about 150g mince. It keeps the cost down and means the children are getting lots of vegetables without realising it. One of my friends children will only eat my bolognese as he 'doesn't lke' vegetables!

    "Posted by Happy_Hippy"