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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If u just grate small pieces of banana, musk melon, papaya, orange or any available fruits, mix them with honey, a table spoon of honey and cucumber juice it works very well as facial pack, glow on your face, instant. If possible massage it on your face for half an hour, it works well!!

    "Posted by Ships"

  • Immediately put Vanilla Essence on! Amazing especially when you burnt with steam

    "Posted by Rinda"

  • I have never washed rice before cooking - but always after - with a quick burst of really hot water (a large sieve or colander) as it improves the look and quality.

    "Posted by JaneMaldives"

  • For those who get heartburn or gas after certain meals, warm a small amount of water in a cup (a couple of gulps worth) and sprinkle in enough baking soda to make it cloudy. Drink and get immediate results (usually a belch) and instantly feel better.

    "Posted by RedMoonGypsy"

  • I have found by keeping my onions cold in the fridge significantly cuts down on the intensity of the tears.

    "Posted by RedMoonGypsy"

  • When making chicken soup in the simplest way, I put the chicken in the pan, then water, after it starts to boil I remove the scum, then add onions, salt & pepper & leave it to simmer for 35 minutes. When I use shredded onions , the smell of the soup smells yummy , as if your grandma just made soup. But when I just cut an onion into 4, the smell around the house is weaker. i.e. Use shredded onions in the soup better than just cut onions.

    "Posted by panok"

  • Only rinsing with cold water is not enough as I have read. The trick is the following: under cold water, rub your fingers against a kitchen knife's blade and all smell will be removed.

    "Posted by KindleCooking"

  • To avoid tears when prepping onions, try placing the onion in the freezer for approximately 10-15 minutes before chopping it up. The juices solidify enough so you don't cry throughout.

    "Posted by maggie_nyc"

  • Boiling potatos with the lid on the pan can often lead to boiling over. When you add a tiny piece of butter to the water it will not boil over anymore, or at least not nearly as soon.

    "Posted by Tibbe"

  • Put bananas (still in their skins) snugly in bowl or pan and pour over kettle of boiling water. Leave just until banana skins turn black and then drain and cool quickly in cold / ice water. Peel and use as usual and you will find the bananas do NOT go brown ... not sure why but it seems as if all the brown has gone into the skin! (sounds weird but works, honest!)

    "Posted by KarrieH"