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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Use a spoon with the concave part towards you and scrub the ginger. The skin will come off very easily and you will not waste any of the flesh. It's actually easier than using a peeler!

    "Posted by KindleCooking"

  • A quick and mess free way to de seed a cucumber. Cut a piece of cucumber either the same length or shorter (depending on how much cucumber you want) than an apple corer. Stand the cucmber on its end and plunge the corer down thus removing the seeds in one go. Simples.....tck

    "Posted by Nigelinthekitchen"

  • If you find your leftovers are not edible for long, add a small piece of grated ginger to the food. It won't affect the taste, it's good for you and it's a natural preservative. Remove after cooking.

    "Posted by blessedgemz"

  • There are many tips out there and I have tried them all. Bite your tongue, chew gum, wear goggles, put a silver spoon in your mouth.... The simplest thing ever is quickly chopping the onion and placing it in an ice bath for a few minutes while you do something else. No more tears.

    "Posted by blessedgemz"

  • To keep celery fresh for a long time, wrap in aluminium foil and place in vegetable drawer of fridge. It will stay fresh and crispy for about 2 weeks.

    "Posted by newyorkcollins"

  • When setting jellys break the cubes up and place in a microwave jug, place 1 tablespoon of water on it and place in the microwave on full power for 1 min or untill melted, then top up with cold water, you will find that your jelly will set in half the time

    "Posted by sue&tell;"

  • The smells of onions and garlic are especially difficult to get off your hands. I don't know why but this is the magic trick that actually works!! Just put your hands under cold running water WITHOUT rubbing them together, no soap, no nothing, just cool water for like 10 seconds. It's true!!

    "Posted by natischvartz"

  • Press a wad of cotton soaked in honey to stop bleeding wounds.You'll be amazed.It really works.

    "Posted by hensy"

  • If using a milk jug dab a small amount of butter or marg under the spout, this will stop any milk from running downthe outside of the jug while pouring.

    "Posted by Nigelinthekitchen"

  • To avoid cauliflower smell while cooking, add a few drops of white vinegar, it kills the smell.

    "Posted by Sam Haq"