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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If I'm zesting a lemon but do not require the lemon juice I slice it up. I then remove any pips and lay the slices out on a plastic tub lid to put in the freezer (or sometimes on a piece of clingy on top of a pizza box!) When frozen I tip the slices into a bag, ready to be added as an all-in-one ice and slice to my G&T. Marvellous!

    "Posted by melbelline"

  • When cooking eggs, add ½ a teaspoon of salt to the water before putting the eggs in - that way, should they crack, the whites won't run out into the water.

    "Posted by klp66"

  • Add a pinch of sugar to any recipe that involves tomatoes. it brings out the acidity and makes the flavor that much better! it's my grandma's old kentucky trick!

    "Posted by NOLA Peanut"

  • In the absence of a cupboard full of herbs and spices. Try cloves in chilli...about 15 crushed with a pestle and mortar,. not much else required ...use fresh chillies and garlic..perfect.

    "Posted by jannne"

  • When you have made the batter for your yorkshire puddings rest it in the fridge for about 20 mins or longer. Just before you pour the batter into the moulds add a tablespoon of freshly boiled water and they will rise perfectly. When they are in the oven don't open the door for at least 30 mins.

    "Posted by drichardson"

  • Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer for hands when chapped. Apply lightly to the skin and leave to soak in, this traps the moisture in and leaves your hands velvety soft!. x

    "Posted by tonnie"

  • When whipping cream by hand it helps to refridgerate/freeze your bowl and whisk as well keeping the cream cold and then it really does thicken quicker as you whisk.

    "Posted by Jooster"

  • Keep a head of celery wrapped in kitchen foil in the salad/vegetable compartment of the fridge - it will last for much longer than if wrapped in plastic. Also, if it's too tired at the end to serve "au naturel", take any 'iffy' bits (brown, slimy) off and freeze the good bits - they'll be fine to add to stock for some extra flavour.

    "Posted by Mrs. Spicer"

  • Once a month, I buy a bag of lemons and one of limes. 20 minutes spent zesting and juicing results in fresh and frozen juices plus bundles of zest in the freezer. The juices go into plastic squeeze bottles with 1 (lime) marked to avoid mix-ups. I even freeze the squeezed lemon halves to drop into soups or tuck into roasts or casseroles for an extra shot of bright flavor. Now I never have to do extra work when I want to make Pea & Pesto Soup or bake my gradmother's pound cake, which requires zest and juice. Nothing is wasted and I always have what I need on hand!

    "Posted by Whitneylaura"

  • Use a quantity of cooked, pureed carrot to thicken a beef stew. It adds a lovely colour and sweetness to the finished dish.

    "Posted by aquabelle"