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Kitchen Wisdom

  • before peeling a pineapple, wash it under running cold water. peel it use the flesh and boil de skin and the heart. it will make a wonderful diuretic , digestive hot tea or wonderful chilled juice.

    "Posted by isabel santos"

  • Briefly heat a lemon in the microwave to get more juice out of it when squeezing

    "Posted by tinycaroline"

  • If trying to get something unsuccessfully out of an intricately shaped silicon mold, e.g. cake, let cool and put in fridge until completely chilled and firm

    "Posted by dazzy08"

  • Freeze left over egg whites

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • If your recipe calls for the juice only of a lemon or an orange, zest the fruit before cutting and juicing. Wrap zest in waxed paper, pop it into a small container, and then into the freezer. You can use the zest next time you've got a recipe calling for zest. This way, you haven't wasted any part of the fruit. Zest will keep for a week or so.

    "Posted by Lea"

  • To avoid a smelly kitchen when cooking cauliflower, add a little milk to the cooking water, it really does work

    "Posted by chesca126"

  • Also to avoid cauliflower smells, cook half a lemon in the cauli water with the cauli of course

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • Slice and freeze the green parts of leeks if not using with the whites - use later in soups, sauces, etc

    "Posted by margie"

  • Juice lemons/limes/oranges etc in ice cube trays

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • If you open a can of tomato paste and only need a tablespoon or so, freeze the rest in a flat square plastic container. When frozen, remove and cut into small squares (about the size of a tablespoon) and wrap individual squares in plastic, then store in plastic bag in freezer. Use next time you only need a spoonful of paste

    "Posted by margie"