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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Heat up the frying pan with water and a dishwasher detergent tab. Effortless and spotless!

    "Posted by Lint"

  • If you've cooked or heated fish in the microwave and its a bit wiffy pop half a lemon in a small bowl of water and heat for 2 minutes and leave. It will freshen the microwave and neutralise the odours.

    "Posted by CakeyFiction"

  • Don't regret throwing out great aunts chipped or broken cups, they make great "castles" for your fish tank.

    "Posted by mareenzz"

  • For removing red wine stains, or red stains from a fruit like a plum, simply use either white wine, or white wine vinegar. i always keep a big bottle of white wine vinegar in the cleaning cupboard for removing the red wine stains from the white carpet after that party! works a charm.

    "Posted by Beausmum"

  • For those white towels and sheets looking a bit dull, add swimming pool chlorine to the wash water! i use a 'laundry scoop' amount for the average white wash... then if possible hang on the line in the sun! Fantastic!

    "Posted by Beausmum"

  • Vinegar - use to remove the limestone deposit from your sanitary objects.

    "Posted by florideportocal"

  • Submerge onions in a bowl of water to peel them. The skin comes off more easily and it won't make you cry.

    "Posted by hot_rosin"

  • Stick butternut squash in the microwave for a minute or two to soften it before peeling.

    "Posted by hot_rosin"

  • Store your microplane inside an empty paper towel roll. Tape over one end with a heavy duty tape such as packing tape. It will save your skin when searching around a drawer.

    "Posted by Little Bit"

  • I always freeze most fresh herbs like this: try to buy the organic stuff but if you can't, don't worry. make sure the herbs are clean and dry. chop them up finely. a mezzaluna helps. freeze in labelled ziplock bags. Spoon out to use.

    "Posted by Bakerbabe"