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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If you find your tights or nylons are too light in color for your outfit, just soak them for a few hours in tea or coffee...try experimenting with different varieties, they all turn out slightly different! I also like to watercolor paint with coffee and tea...very fun and smells good too!

    "Posted by shellylanette"

  • The knife with which you have peeled or chopped the garlic, while washing the blade of the knife run your fingers alongside the knife, somehow the metallic element gets rid of the smell that could persistently remain on you.

    "Posted by Kaajal"

  • If you find the smell coming from your sink's garbage disposal lingering, put a piece of lemon in there and grind away. Takes away all the smells and leave a fresh citrus scent.

    "Posted by blessedgemz"

  • A tablespoon of honey or yogurt left on your skin for 5-10 mins then rinsed off with warm water makes a really cheap, skin-softening facemask

    "Posted by Kayles"

  • cut a lemon in half and scoop out the flesh. Fill the lemon with table salt. Place it in the egg tray of the fridge - it will remove any odours that linger!

    "Posted by sgray"

  • After chopping an onion, remove the onion odor from your hands by rubbing them across a metal kitchen tap/faucet. Works like a charm.

    "Posted by mwhite"

  • When storing carrots in the lower draw of the fridge 1st place some kitchen roll on the bottom of the draw, then put in the carrots and cover with more kitchen roll, you will find they will stay perfectly healthy, and not discolour or go rubbery for almost 2wks, Also once you have started to use some of your iceburg lettuce or any other lettuce, then wrap this in kitchen roll and you will find that it will last longer, also after sliceing your cucumber, cover and wrap the sliced end of the left over cucumber, again with kitchen paper. Secure using a elastic band placed on top of the kitchen paper that as been wrapped around the open end of the sliced cucumber, this will prolong the life of the cucumber for up to about 1 wk without it going sloppy and being wasted.

    "Posted by clasiechick1"

  • Trying to fill a medicine syringe with medicine by sticking it in the bottle can be frustrating and ineffective when the medicine level drops too low for the syringe tip. Pour the medicine into the bottle lid first to make "sucking up" with the syringe tip easier. Especially good for thick children's antibiotics.

    "Posted by Symmie"

  • Glass cleaner is great for making ultra shiny black granite worktops and baby oil is fab for shining up the stainless steel cookers etc.

    "Posted by Nesbitt"

  • I like to use swimming goggles when chopping onions. My husband might laugh at me, but I don't cry. The goggles work really well.

    "Posted by kells"