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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If the smell of paint goes for your sinuses. peel a couple of onions and leave in the room, they absorb the chemical smell.

    "Posted by yorkielass"

  • To clean the sensitive and hard to reach inside of thermos flasks stained by coffee or tea put some baking powder into the empty, dry flask and pour water from a recently boiled kettle over it. Cover it up when all the foam has settled and leave it for half and hour or so. Repeat if necessary. Also works on pans etc. if you burnt something.

    "Posted by HannaBerlin"

  • Cut a lemon in half and drop it into your kettle and boil it a few times and the inside will be lovely and clean. Don't forget to rinse it before using it for coffee or tea though.

    "Posted by Annie22"

  • If you have small children and they put chewing gum onto their clothes, place the item in the freezer and it will be easy to remove once it is frozen (sorry this can't be use with carpets, rugs, animals or hair

    "Posted by Shazza13"

  • Chewing gum can be removed from hair with peanutbutter and sunflower/olive oil. As long as it is greasy and easy to spread out. Because of the oily substance the chewing gum doesn't stick anymore and can be removed with caution and patience.

    "Posted by Manon"

  • Try vinegar as a substitute for fabric softener - especially for undies as fabric softener is bad for elastics, but vinegar is excellent, and helps preserve colour

    "Posted by AnLi"

  • Lemon juice: Surface cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer. Cut in half and leave in fridge to absorb smells. Mix with salt to clean copper and brass. Mix with water to whiten whites and brighten colours.

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • Bicarbonate of soda: Deodorizer. When mixed with water produces an alkaline solution that dissolves dirt and grease. Use dry to lift stains from carpets (e.g. red wine) and marks from surfaces. Good for cleaning shower curtains.

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • Malt vinegar. Surface cleaner, stain remover, descaler, cuts through grease, deodorizes and acts as mild disinfectant. Dilute mix is good for cleaning windows (apply on scrunched-up newspaper).

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • Olive oil - Use sparingly as furniture polish and fingerprint remover for stainless steel.

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"