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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Use a combination of half cup white vinegar, two tablespoons baking soda and two tablespoons salt to clean your scorched oven. This is the best natural oven cleaning solution.

    "Posted by PeterHenryPeter"

  • If your hands are covered in dough, oil or butter,add a pinch of kosher salt to them and massage with some liquid soap, result: nice soft clean hands in a jiffy

    "Posted by nikkileeks"

  • I have thankfully changed over from Teflon to Ceramic and I'm happy to say they are much more durable

    "Posted by Dublindining"

  • I work in a kitchenware store and regularly get returns on non stick pots whose surfaces have gone infixably sticky. Tiny particles in spray oil stick to the Teflon (etc) and embed themselves in the compound of the coating. Do not use spray oil as it can ruin even the bet quality non stick cookware. For light oil use sesame or similar vegetable oils, or light butter.

    "Posted by Leahisabella"

  • Washing baking utensils can be pretty tough especially when the utensils are full with buttery batter. Place all the baking utensils on the washing basin. Pour hot water on them and leave them for couple of minutes. After that wash the utensils as per normal. By pouring hot water it helps to melt down the buttery batter, less water and detergent needed to be used and it helps to prevent the sink from getting choke from all the buttery batter.

    "Posted by Fiza Rashid"

  • leave to soak with a dissolved biological clothes washing capsule or tablet and the muck will come off easily

    "Posted by Catherine Newman"

  • Add a little lemon juice to a bowl (or about half a whole lemon), and cook it in the microwave for approximately 5 mins. Take out the bowl and wipe the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth! The lemon juice not only acts as an antibacterial, but it also helps lift the tough food that has been encrusted in your microwave and leaves a pleasant lemony scent :)

    "Posted by juniperberry92"

  • Invest in oven liners. They cost around £9 each and are a sheet of thin plastic which you cut to fit the base of your oven. I have also put one in the base of my grill (but not the grill pan itself). Instead of scouring the base of your oven, all you need to do is remove the liner occasionally and give it a wipe. They last forever and are pure magic.

    "Posted by Margo Dunlop"

  • Add a bit of washing liquid to a messy pot/pan. Add water to cover all of the burnt/gooey stuck on food. Bring to a boil and everything will loosen like you wouldn't believe! Then just wipe out the pan and you're done.

    "Posted by kbarnhouse"

  • Cleaning an electric ridged grill can be a huge task, especially when you've grilled meat. I wipe mine down with baby wipes first (make sure the grill is off) - the oil in baby wipes lifts cooked-on food and grease - then I turn it on, spray with cleaner and then turn it off again and wipe it over with a wet cloth when it's cooled. No scrubbing at all and because you're only using soft cloths, it saves the non- stick coating.

    "Posted by Symmie"