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Kitchen Wisdom

  • I use white vinegar as a rinse aid in the dishwasher. I never get spots on the glassware and the inside of the dishwasher is always nice and fresh.

    "Posted by Ivesberg"

  • Found a sippy sup under the couch? Or the old water bottle in the car? Fill with warm water and some baking soda and let it sit overnight. Wash like normal in the morning. Good to go.

    "Posted by christyl"

  • If you chip or break crockery when cooking or cleaning up. Wash it up (carefully!) and store for use as drainage crocks when potting plants in the garden.

    "Posted by Ewescool"

  • It helps to cut through grease and limescale naturally, and also leaves the dishwasher smelling zesty fresh!

    "Posted by Samijo"

  • Cut a lemon in half and rub over wooden chopping boards to sanitise and remove odours!

    "Posted by smooth&dark;"

  • To keep pots shiny, especially after boiling starchy foods like pasta and potatoes, add a few splashes of the cheapest vinegar you can find when you clean the pot with dish soap.

    "Posted by ZeTallGerman"

  • Scrunch up kitchen foil and use instead of a pot scourer to remove stubborn stains from metal pots and pans.

    "Posted by Fennel"

  • Fill the pot/pan/dish the hot water and add a tumble drier sheet, (you can even get a second use from one that you've used in the tumble drier already.) leave for 15 minutes to soak or use as you would a dish cloth. The food will just lift off no scrubbing required works on everything from lasagne to roasting pans!

    "Posted by e1simone"

  • Do remember to rinse items thoroughly after soaking in bio washing powder.

    "Posted by Doris W"

  • Sorry Margie, but if you have any chipped crockery you should throw it out as those chips or cracks harbour bacteria and germs and also not to mention the danger of someone actually swallowing particles of the damaged crockery while eating from the broken plate etc

    "Posted by aivlis"