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Kitchen Wisdom

  • Any stubborn baked-on grease and food will slip off a dish if it is soaked in a tablespoon of dishwasher powder and warm water for a couple of hours. No elbow grease needed.

    "Posted by Butterfly21"

  • Pour some hot water in the sink with a splash of washing-up liquid and put all the sticky spoons, spatulas and bowls when you are done using it. When the cake is in the oven you have a much easier job washing up or putting it all in the dishwasher.

    "Posted by Millasmat.com"

  • My rule is if you cook, you clean. I would rather do my own clearing up than follow on from someone else being "creative" and imagining they have an army of washers up behind them!

    "Posted by JC"

  • Use olive oil/veggie oil to keep moveable parts on kitchen equipment free moving

    "Posted by Rhyleysgranny"

  • If you have a chipped plate or dish, always keep in on TOP of the pile so that you keep using it; that way, if you are going to break a dish, there's a good chance it will be the one that's already chipped

    "Posted by margie"

  • Always get someone else to clean the oven!

    "Posted by James"

  • When using fish, work with it on a glass or pyrex surface immediately rinse in cold soapy water, the smell does not linger, works for the hands too (Crafty cookie)

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • Boil half a lemon or remains of used lemon in water in microwave to clean

    "Posted by Rhyleysgranny"

  • Put half a lemon with a teasppon of salt in the fridge overnight, its antibacterial and will remove any odours

    "Posted by cupcake chaos"

  • Boil vinegar to disperse cooking smells

    "Posted by Rhyleysgranny"