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Kitchen Wisdom

  • White wine vinegar cleans up old grimy floorboards and gets old wax off.

    "Posted by Velvetini"

  • To disperse cooking smells, boil some orange peel plus cinammon in a saucepan

    "Posted by Shyvas"

  • When cooking something that can cause odours in the kitchen, for example, oven baked fish or a lamb shoulder, place a pierced lemon in the oven; it smells amazing pervades the room, and when removed, lots of oozing juice can be squeezed from the lemon with great ease to be used in cooking etc....

    "Posted by Nancy"

  • Bio soap powder for soaking burnt on stuff in pots pans and dishes

    "Posted by Rhyleysgranny"

  • To clean a granite pestle and morter leave half a lemon and boiling water in it overnight

    "Posted by KitchenGoddess"

  • Use lemon juice to clean stainless steel pots and pans. Makes them nice and sparkly with no scratching

    "Posted by donner"

  • Mix bicarb and a little water into a paste and this will remove any stains from your teacups/coffee cups

    "Posted by Shazza13"

  • When you are cooking, keep one of those terrycloth facecloths handy. Make it damp even before you start cooking. If you have any spills near your hotplate, wipe it off with the cloth. As it is cotton, it won't burn easily. The terrycloth will absorb surprising amounts so even bigger spills get removed without trouble and before they 'bake in' and are a nightmare waiting for you when you're finished. Be careful though: damp fabric transfers heat very easily, so don't burn yourself. If you are scared of getting burned, use an ordinary cotton kitchen towel, the kind you use to dry your washing up.

    "Posted by Edda"

  • Do you want eliminate the bad smells in your fridge? Simple put a little container with some bicarbonate of soda and bad smells will stay away

    "Posted by Curlylu"

  • Boil half a lemon in your kettle to remove stains from the water

    "Posted by jaxstar84"