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Kitchen Wisdom

  • If you oil/grease your measure cups or spoons before attempting to measure honey, molasses or other sticky ingredients it helps to prevent the ingredient from sticking too much!

    "Posted by Arthur in the Garden!"

  • If like me and your not sure about cups sizes and what 1/4 actually is then check out M cups!! They were given to me as a present and they are different size measuring cups that are in the shape of russian dolls, they all fold neatly into each other wasting no space and are pretty cool looking so they won't look out of place in any kitchen. fashionable and practiacal. lol.

    "Posted by royal_hannah"

  • Pour a little bit of flavourless oil (like canola or peanut) onto your spoon; getting it just to the edges and then pour it off so there is still a little bit left. then squeeze the honey on and it will fall right off.

    "Posted by dave."

  • Be sure to wipe out of your measuring cup or spoons all of something heavy or sticky to make sure it gets into your recipe. Successful baking depends upon exact measurements and you can lose up to a third of your ingredients golden syrup, honey, etc.) if you leave some behind in spoon or cup. I often run the tip of my little finger into the bowl of a spoon to get the last bit, or use a tiny spatula to make sure all of my ingredients end up in the recipe.

    "Posted by Whitneylaura"

  • In cooking a tablespoon is not a serving implement but a precise measurement. If it helps, think of a tablespoon as 3 teaspoons unless you are in Australia.

    "Posted by Hettie"

  • Because of its volume, sea salt seems to be less salty than table salt when used in cooking. If replacing sea salt with table salt, use half the amount.

    "Posted by Hettie"