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Kitchen Wisdom

  • To remove badly burnt food from a pan add good handful of biological washing powder and cold water soak overnight.

    "Posted by vanijoy"

  • If your custard, creme patissier or creme anglaise has lump or is starting to curdle wack an ice cube in it then give it a quick blitz in the blender. Problem solved.

    "Posted by Ladyzoejo"

  • Split mayonnaises can be brought back by a shot of boiling water and some vigorous whisking. If the problem is too severe then start an egg yolk whisking with some vinegar then slowly add the split batch to it.

    "Posted by Ladyzoejo"

  • If you've added too much salt to the soup, peel a potato and drop it in the broth. The potato will absorb the salt.

    "Posted by Ruthey12"

  • If a curry or other spicy dish is too bitter, I add tomato sauce which is always to hand and helps with the colour too.

    "Posted by JaneMaldives"

  • if you think the rice is already overcooked and will turn lumpy ,then before draining, just turn the heat off and pour in a cup of ice cold water and squeeze half a lime. Put the lid on for few minutes.

    "Posted by tithi"

  • Always preheat the oven.

    "Posted by smasha306"

  • When melting chocolate if it splits/goes grainy (usually because water has managed to find its way in!) try adding a few drops of groundnut (or another flavourless) oil and mixing swiftly. This *should* slacken the mixture and return it to its former glossy glory.

    "Posted by melbelline"

  • If your sauce Bechamel is turning lumpy while cooking it, add ice-cold water instead of the next splash of milk and whisk like a banshee - it'll magically sort out the lumps!

    "Posted by klp66"

  • Add some large pieces of potato and let them cook then remove. the potato seems to absorb the salt. Amount of potato difficult to state as depends on volume of soup and intensity of salt.

    "Posted by Majorjo"