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Kitchen Witter

  • 30th August 2012

    30th August 2012

                             … Read on

  • 30th July 2012

    30th July 2012

    Greetings from Italy! While everyone else seems to be wholly involved with Olympic activities,… Read on

  • 23rd July 2012

    23rd July 2012

    I have been so remiss at my wittering here but huts have to fill you in with some of… Read on

  • 2nd July 2012

    2nd July 2012

    Life is such a blur right now, that this witter section has been unforgivably neglected.… Read on

  • 18th June 2012

    18th June 2012

    I have always defended my unfashionable position in favour of unseasonal produce, since… Read on

  • 15th June 2012

    15th June 2012

    Given that it's Father's Day Sunday, I felt I should turn my thoughts to what might be… Read on

  • 11th June 2012

    11th June 2012

    Everything is rushing past so fast! Nigellissima - the book - has now been put to bed… Read on

  • 6th June 2012

    6th June 2012

    I am both excited and scared about the fact that I am any minute now starting the filming… Read on

  • 1st June 2012

    1st June 2012

    I am not usually a bunting kind of person, but such is the gaiety of the nation and Diamond… Read on

  • 29th May 2012

    29th May 2012

    I think I may have raved about Varsano's chocolate covered salted caramels before, and… Read on