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Measuring cups

"Every measuring cup around, it seems to me, is just stainless-steel functional, and I've always wanted to design these, even before the idea of the range; that's to say, measuring cups that were actually cups, a different colour for each size, rather reminiscent of my grandmother's tea-service. I wanted them to look beautiful hanging from a hook in the kitchen as well as being practical. In the States they just use them for solid ingredients; I find them invaluable for measuring out liquids as well."

Set of 4 ceramic measuring cups from a quarter cup to one cup. Available in blue or cream.

Approx. dimensions:
60 ml / 2 fluid ounces / 0.25 cup
80 ml / 3 fluid ounces / 0.33 cup
125 ml / 4 fluid ounces / 0.5 cup
250 ml / 8 fluid ounces / 1 cup

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