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Cake and Biscuit Storage Tins

"If you’ve spent time making a cake or cookies you don’t want them to go stale – and if you haven’t… Read on

Small Shopping List

This handy shopping list pad is perfect for slipping in your bag so that you can update your shopping list where ever you… Read on


"I knew my salt pig had a future beyond the edges of my stove. Now it has given life to a twin pair of piglets, ready to… Read on

Appetiser and Dip Bowls

"This set allows you to offer an array of nibbles and the bowl-indentations on the platter mean that even if you trip in… Read on

Creamer / Milk Jug

"A cutely curved small jug to fill with milk for your tea, or cream for your pudding" Matt stoneware milk jug to match the… Read on


"This is a fantastically useful hold-in-the-hand colander, perfect for small amounts of pasta or vegetables, and when you’re… Read on

Salt pig

"Farmers distinguish between fat pigs and lean pigs, so think of this as a slightly more diminutive form of the original… Read on


"I don't think I could operate without a mezzaluna - that two handed curved blade of a knife - so-called because it means… Read on

Serving hands

"Pretty serving utensils, like lamps, are practically impossible to find, so I have been longing to come up with them for… Read on

Measuring jug

"All my measuring jugs are the sort you need to hide away in some cupboard, but these are so beautiful I am happy to keep… Read on

Measuring spoons

"I have got any number of measuring spoons that do the job, but they all look clunky and no more than serviceable. I wanted… Read on

Keyring Notebook

Attach this stylish notebook to your keys for ultimate note making on the go.  An elasticated band at the base means… Read on

Spoon rest

"This elegant rendition of a dogbone shape makes it possible to rest two spoons, the bowls not touching, at the same time.… Read on

Measuring cups

"Every measuring cup around, it seems to me, is just stainless-steel functional, and I've always wanted to design these,… Read on

Cappuccino cup and saucer

"I'm perfectly happy using my quarter cup-measure for an espresso or cup-measure for a cappuccino when I'm drinking alone,… Read on