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Measuring cups

"Every measuring cup around, it seems to me, is just stainless-steel functional, and I've always wanted to design these,… Read on

Measuring spoons

"I have got any number of measuring spoons that do the job, but they all look clunky and no more than serviceable. I wanted… Read on

Tea pot

"This is the elemental part of any true kitchen: the sign that you’re at home, and that all’s well with the… Read on

Mezzaluna board

"I could never be parted from my mezzaluna, and this small, indented chopping board creates the perfect surface for small… Read on

Cake stand

"Sometimes you feel so pleased with a cake – either bought or made – that you just want to put it on a pedestal."Earthenware… Read on

Parmesan grater

"Gorgeous in the hand, and pretty on the table, this is a proper Italian grater, by which I mean it shaves the parmesan… Read on

Serving hands

"These really do feel like hands not serving spoons or forks, letting you be at one with the food, so you can get stuck… Read on

Cake / Cheese Plate and Dome

"Nothing cheers me up more in the kitchen than the sight of cake beaming cosily out from under a glass dome. You don’t… Read on

Butter Dish

"If I never see another split, messy butter wrapper cluttering up my kitchen, I will not mind. But I don’t like fancy… Read on

Egg cup and saucer

"Sometimes things just seem right: I wanted an egg cup with a quiet organic design as simple as an egg’s. A small,… Read on

Vegetable and salad dishes

"These are the egg-shaped mixing bowls redesigned to make perfect serving dishes. I use mine, too, as fruit bowls or, indeed,… Read on

Sugar bowl

"No longer will a split packet of sugar sully the reassuring sight of my tea tray. Just decant into this and calm is restored."… Read on

Bread Bin

"Beautiful, useful and clever: the stoneware container will hold loaves, while the wooden lid does double duty as a bread… Read on

Storage jar

"Amphora-inspired containers that pour easily, or can be scooped from for all domestic goddess work." Three litre stoneware… Read on


"I don't think I could operate without a mezzaluna - that two handed curved blade of a knife - so-called because it means… Read on