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How to make swiss meringue icing?

I've tried this many times with many recipes, but yet it is always too runny. I've tried whisking more and whisking less,… Read on

Chilli Jam - ingredients/setting/keeping

Hello, Nigella and team. I made a batch of Chilli Jam last year and it was a great success. So much so, that Im planning… Read on

Nigella in Australia - UK books and conversions

Hi there I buy most of my books online, as I'm in Australia (originally from UK), and book variety is limited and pricey.… Read on

Christmas cakes - baking and feeding

Help! I want to bake my Christmas cake this week.I'm going to bake my mixture in different size tins. The cooking times… Read on

Golden Syrup

How do I measure golden syrup? especially when it sticks to the measuring spoon. I have tried to make the Hokey Pokey recipe… Read on

Black Beer Gingerbread

I wanted your "Black Beer Gingerbread" recipe, which was in the Dec22nd programme on BBC2. Unfortunately the BBC website… Read on

Dark Muscovado Sugar

Hi, I'm in Australia and making one of the christmas cakes, the one with prunes and cocoa in it, out of the Christmas book… Read on

Peanut Brittle and Hokey Pokey Problems

Hi guys It's that time of year again, I'm trying out recipes for gifts for you-know-when in December. My boyfriend absolutely… Read on

Meat Loaf

Where can I find the recipe for the Meat Loaf which Nigella cooked on the BBC programme on 11 November? I have a family… Read on

fruit sinking to the bottom of the cake

Hi! How can I avoid fruit falling to the bottom of the cake during baking time? Thanks! Julie Read on

Gochujang paste - where to buy

Where is this paste available, please? I can not track it down. Is there an alternative which is similar and more easily… Read on

Icing Cookies and sending as Christmas gifts

For christmas, I am planning to make gingerbread man cookies decorated with icing. But I do not know whether glace icing… Read on

Gelatin leaves for North America

I live in Washington state, USA and have not been able to find gelatin leaves that are used in the "Slut Red Raspberries"… Read on

Passionfruit in Brazil

Hello Nigella team! My name is Nathaly, I'm from Brasil. Recently I was given as a gift the book "How to be a domestic goddess"… Read on

What Are Sweetbreads?

What are sweetbreads? Thank you! Read on