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Voiello calamari pasta shapes

I am trying to track down this pasta brand. In 'Kitchen' Nigella says she found an online site for the UK. Can you help? Read on

Copper pans cleaning them!

Hi,just been given a set of copper bottom pans, now I know some people like the "lived in look", but is there any way I… Read on


I've tried different kinds of meringue recipes, but none gave me a stiff and glowy meringue. Any suggestions?! Read on

steaming christmas puddings

I just steamed a batch of xmas puds. I used plastic pudding basins with snap on lids, and a circle of grease proof paper… Read on


What is trex? How can I use it? Can I buy it in an on-line shop? Thank you. Read on

Ham in Coke

For Christmas I will be making the Ham in Coke that I found in one of Nigella's cookbook's. I was wondering if that is a… Read on

Preparing desserts ahead for Christmas

Hi. I have a house full of people coming for Christmas and wanted some suggestions for preparing meals in advance, that… Read on

Cooking boned and rolled turkey joints

I had my whole Christmas dinner planned and was ready to follow the Nigella recipe's to the letter. I've been really exctied… Read on

Boxing Day Dinner for 6

I'm looking for a relatively easy dinner I can serve a party of 6 people on boxing day - one that doesn't include sausages!… Read on

Too Much Ham

Hi, I was planning on making the Aromatic Spiced Ham from the Christmas special, which calls for an approximately 3kg ham.… Read on

Substitution for white wine in cooking?

I don't drink alcohol and there are loads of fish recipes such as Nigella's saki salmon that use alcohol which I really… Read on

oven temps given in Nigella's books

I am cooking the turkey following your suggestions for pre-soaking (ref: Nigella's Christmas). Are the oven temps given… Read on

miniture measuring saucepans (cups)

Where can i purchase the miniture measuring saucepans please. My wife was quite taken with them on last nights programmw.… Read on

Passion Fruit Replacements for Pavlova

I love making the Prodigious Pavlova from "Nigella Christmas". However, passion fruit is hard to come by in my neck of the… Read on

Kitchen Knives on current TV series

What brand of knives does Nigella use on her current TV show? Read on