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Slow Cooker Christmas Pudding

We have made the Nigella Christmas pudding, we used the old-fashioned method and cooked the pudding in muslin. We cooked… Read on

How do I know if my jam has reached setting point

I've had a go at making jam just a couple of times but have never known if what I'm boiling has reached setting point. Resulting… Read on

Problems with frying

Whenever I attempt a recipe that involves frying, e.g. goujons covered in breadcrumbs or meatballs, the mixture does not… Read on

Baking a cake

What to do if my cake seems ready from the outside (it's brown as it should be) however it's not done yet inside? How do… Read on

Marmalade - perserving vs jam sugar

Hi Guys, I'm going to branch out from Nigella's lovely chutneys as Crimbo pressies into her suggested recipies for marmalades.… Read on

Cake flour

I rarely ever use a recipe that calls for cake flour, but when I do it's a little frustrating as I'm not too willing to… Read on

Sweet & Sticky ribs - substitutes for sauce

Hi everyone, I don't live in the UK so could you please help me cause I cant find here in the supermarket sweet chili sauce… Read on

Substituting molasses for Tate & Lyle syrups

I bought your book and just made the chocolate/organge cake. I was forced to use Karo dark syrup as Tate & Lyle products… Read on


Hello! Please can you tell me where I can buy some Advocaat? Is it sold in Supermarkets? I have checked Tesco and M&S… Read on

Chocolate Fruit Cake for Christmas

Hi, Please can you tell me if the lovely chocolate fruit cake should/can be made in advance like traditional fruit cake?… Read on

Grasshopper Pie ingredients& tips

Can you please tell me what is the best (brand) Creme De Cacao Blanc to use in the Grasshopper Pie recipe and where can… Read on

Christmas Pudding - alternatives to plastic basin?

I plan to make the Ultimate Christmas Pudding this weekend and store it for approx 3 weeks till Xmas day. I was wondering… Read on

devils chocolate food cake 2

Can i ask how i can increase the ingredients to make a 9" chocolate sandwich cake instead of the 8" specified?? i made it… Read on

Christmas Eve Dinner for 10 - recommendations?

What would be a good easy dinner that feeds 10 people without a tomato-based sauce? I have family coming in for Christmas… Read on

Cupckes for a wedding...

My sister and I are making a cupcakes for a wedding cake. We cannot seem to make cupcakes so they rise evenly (they all… Read on