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Take the hastle out of Christmas

Take the hastle out of Christmas, freeze items ahead of time, ie bread sauce, cranberry sauce, stuffings, chipolatas in… Read on

Add a pinch of salt when beating whole eggs

Add a pinch of salt when beating whole eggs: The salt will make the whites runnier and easier to mix with the yolks. Especially… Read on

Silicon mold

If trying to get something unsuccessfully out of an intricately shaped silicon mold, e.g. cake, let cool and put in fridge… Read on

Soaking burnt on stuff

Bio soap powder for soaking burnt on stuff in pots pans and dishes Read on

Oily skin

Oily skin can also be helped by using a mask made out of grated cucumber (or sliced, whichever you prefer. Works great on… Read on

Conversions between metric and imperial

For people that have a hard time with conversions between metric and imperial measurements. Get a laminating sheet and place… Read on

Don't throw the jar

When you are done with pickles, sauces, honey, jam, don't throw the jar in the recycling bin.  Wash it and you can… Read on

Freeze citrus fruits whole

Freeze citrus fruits whole, you get loads more juice out of them (once defrosted of course), however, the zest does discolour… Read on

Vinegar and water-windows/glass

Vinegar and water-windows/glass Read on

Sprinkling bicarbonate of soda over the carpet

Also, try sprinkling bicarbonate of soda over the carpet. Leave for a while then hoover up Read on

Tomato paste

If you open a can of tomato paste and only need a tablespoon or so, freeze the rest in a flat square plastic container.… Read on

Egg looks a bit suspicious

If you think an egg looks a bit suspicious give it a shake next to your ear and if it makes a gluggy rattle it will be rotten.… Read on

When adding golden syrup to mixtures

When adding golden syrup to mixtures, heating the spoon in a mug of boiling water makes the golden syrup fall neatly off… Read on

Vinegar for stings

Vinegar for stings is brilliant and cheaper than anthisan Read on

Eliminate cauliflour smells

A piece of bread in with the cauliflour as it cooks helps to eliminate the smell.  Read on