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18th February 2012

As far as I'm concerned, everything's better with batter - so I am much looking forward to what we in England call Pancake… Read on

We're all very excited round here

We're all very excited round here - and hope you are too - for the App has arrived! I should explain: although I have been… Read on

17th September

If I could sing, I'd be singing, and not just around the house, but from the rooftops.  Unfortunately I can't. I really… Read on

6th December 2011

I’m so excited about my edition of Stylist, and hope you are too. What I wanted was to address food in the round:… Read on


My plane leaves for Melbourne in a few hours, and I have yet to finish my packing.  So this is not going to be long,… Read on

25th December 2011

    Just wanted to wish you all a very, very happy day. Please don't get too stressed about your Christmas lunch.… Read on

10th March 2012

You know already about the photoshoot here last Monday, but what I didn't quite mention was my exuberant food propping,… Read on

20th October 2011

I have to say that dressing up as a witch doesn't stretch me on the wardrobe-front very much. Perhaps the overlap in my… Read on

26th March 2012

  Although this is called Kitchen Witter, I am afraid I have been banished - or have banished myself - to my Cell these… Read on

In the words of Willie Nelson I'm "on the road again"

In the words of Willie Nelson I'm "on the road again". I hit New York running last week and since then have been in Minneapolis,… Read on

23rd July 2012

I have been so remiss at my wittering here but huts have to fill you in with some of the out-of-this-world food I've been… Read on

20th January 2012

I found some sweet baby aubergines – eggplant for those across the pond – at the supermarket and have been itching… Read on


Hello there - you find me in the last leg of filming the new series and so I'm writing this during a snatched moment sneaked… Read on

2nd August 2011

      I am writing this, with my laptop rather precariously placed (too near an open flame and some boiling… Read on

20th September 2012

Being a bit of an App-addict, I am very,  very,  very excited that my new Nigellissima iphone and ipad app has… Read on