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This time of year can be tricky

This time of year can be tricky, I find, as the first flush of enthusiasm for the new year fades and the prospect of endless… Read on

12th December 2011

    I've had so many people asking me how to make sure their turkey is gorgeous and juicy, that I feel I need… Read on


I am not always as seasonally correct as I might be, that I do acknowledge, but I also concede that there are few joys juicier… Read on

Delicious memories

Well, I'm back, not looking quite as jet-lagged as I might thanks, in part, to a new Ellis Faas under eye concealer discovered… Read on

28th September 2011

I have fond memories of fishing in Norway when I was a child, and I have in more recent memory hooked mackerel in Cornwall,… Read on


All cooks love the winter, all those months we can warm ourselves and our souls in the cosiness of the kitchen, and escape… Read on

25th February 2012

I've had that cold that's going around for the past week, which is more of an inconvenience than a catastrophe of course,… Read on

I absolutely love my work

I absolutely love my work - well, why wouldn't I? - but sometimes it stops me from doing other things I want to do, like… Read on

I've been to the States for a couple of working visits recently

I've been to the States for a couple of working visits recently, and although neither visit was very long, I spent my time… Read on

Spring has not yet sprung

Spring has not yet sprung – certainly not in the UK, in any case – but since Valentine’s Day is just around… Read on

23rd July 2012

I have been so remiss at my wittering here but huts have to fill you in with some of the out-of-this-world food I've been… Read on

30th April 2012

I have been so bad at updating my Witter and for that I apologise. It's been one of those manic times - in a good way, though.… Read on

1st November 2011

I'm slightly traumatised that it is already November, but the one place I always enjoy the oncoming of winter is the kitchen,… Read on

6th January 2012

    I've spent an awful lot of my birthday doing what is one of my worst jobs - comparable to sifting in my value… Read on

26th March 2012

  Although this is called Kitchen Witter, I am afraid I have been banished - or have banished myself - to my Cell these… Read on