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18th February 2012

As far as I'm concerned, everything's better with batter - so I am much looking forward to what we in England call Pancake… Read on

17th September

If I could sing, I'd be singing, and not just around the house, but from the rooftops.  Unfortunately I can't. I really… Read on

6th December 2011

I’m so excited about my edition of Stylist, and hope you are too. What I wanted was to address food in the round:… Read on

11th June 2012

Everything is rushing past so fast! Nigellissima - the book - has now been put to bed and we start filming Nigellissima… Read on

We're all very excited round here

We're all very excited round here - and hope you are too - for the App has arrived! I should explain: although I have been… Read on


My plane leaves for Melbourne in a few hours, and I have yet to finish my packing.  So this is not going to be long,… Read on

20th January 2012

I found some sweet baby aubergines – eggplant for those across the pond – at the supermarket and have been itching… Read on

11th November 2011

  It feels auspicious to be wittering on 11/11/11 and I am relieved that I have something worth talking about - namely,… Read on

20th October 2011

I have to say that dressing up as a witch doesn't stretch me on the wardrobe-front very much. Perhaps the overlap in my… Read on

30th August 2012

                                   … Read on

10th March 2012

You know already about the photoshoot here last Monday, but what I didn't quite mention was my exuberant food propping,… Read on

In the words of Willie Nelson I'm "on the road again"

In the words of Willie Nelson I'm "on the road again". I hit New York running last week and since then have been in Minneapolis,… Read on

25th December 2011

    Just wanted to wish you all a very, very happy day. Please don't get too stressed about your Christmas lunch.… Read on

13th April 2012

  I start the weekend in fine fettle - mentally at least! I feel euphoric about having filed all the recipes for the… Read on

2nd August 2011

      I am writing this, with my laptop rather precariously placed (too near an open flame and some boiling… Read on