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  • Baking Trays

    Hello! What make of baking trays does Nigella use in the TV programme Nigella Express?

    From the nigella team:

    Nigella uses a variety of cookware in all of her TV shows. For baking trays and baking sheets she uses both disposable aluminium ones and regualr metal ones.

    For the disposable trays Nigella often uses Weber BBQ aluminium "drip pans" which come in a variety of sizes. In the summer these can be found in garden and DIY stores and are usually available on-line throughout the year. However many supermarkets now sell a variety of disposble trays which could also be used.

    For regular baking sheets you should buy the best quality you can and make srue they are fairly heavy and sheets which are too thin will buckle easily in the heat of the oven. All Clad (USA) and Mermaid (UK) are both good brands to consider.

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