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Nigella's Latest Video

Tuscan Fries

Think French fries, but with garlic cloves and fresh herbs.

Kitchen Witter

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Cookalong competition

Gluten-Free Cakes

Kitchen Wisdom

"When measuring Golden Syrup/honey etc. rub the spoon with a oil-smeared piece of kitchen paper. It drops right off the spoon."

Posted by Rhythmvick

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Kitchen Queries

Chocolate Pudding With Different Milk

Hello, I really really love the Chocolate Pudding dessert. Is there any chance I could switch the full cream milk with the skim one? Also, if it is possible, is there any alteration…? Read on

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Nigella's News

Gingham Collection

Gingham Collection

We're delighted to introduce Gingham, a collection of ceramic tableware and kitchen accessories, which introduces fresh… Read on

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