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  • Blackberry Vodka

    Can I freeze the blackberries from Blackberry Vodka after straining them, so I can use them later?

    From the nigella team:

    Nigella's Blackberry Vodka (from Kitchen) involves steeping the blackberries in vodka. After the steping Nigella suggests using the boozy blackberries in a dessert such as Drunken Fool. Ot you could use them in a crumble or pie, or even in the Orange and Blackberry Trifle (also from Kitchen).

    It would be possible to freeze the macerated blackberries, but you may find that they have a very soft texture once they thaw out. This means they should be suitable for dishes such as the fool, but not for a dish which requires the blackberries to hold their shape. You could also puree them with some extra icing (confectioner's) sugar to make a sauce (strain to remove the seeds, if you like) and this puree will also freeze. You may find also that the blackberries and sauce don't quite freeze solid, due to the alcohol content, and we would suggest only freezing them for up to one month.

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