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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Christmas Tree Cake Tin

    On one of Nigella's Christmas Cooking shows she made a Sponge Cake in a round Tin that when turned out, the cake was in the shape of 5 or 6 Christmas Trees. Could you please advise where I can purchase this tin? Thanks 

    I saw in a program Nigella baking a christmas cake with a forest cake pan, and i loved. Where can i buy that cake pan? Kikigabi 

    Nigella bakes a vanilla sponge in a cake tin which looks liks a forest of pine trees when the cake is turned out. She then sifted icing sugar over the top. It looked like snow. So pretty. Where can I get such a tin? Sammyson

    From the nigella team:

    The tin (pan) is made by the US company Nordic Ware and is called their "holiday tree" bundt tin. It is fairly widely available on-line in the UK and we have suggested some websites to try below. In the US it can be ordered direct from Nordic Ware from the website below.

    Bundt tins come in many different shapes and you can make this cake in different designs of bundt tin. Most are similar sizes but you need one around 2.5 litres (10 cups) capacity. The contours of the tin can make the cake slightly tricky to turn out so make sure you butter the inside generously and you can dust the inside with a little flour too to help the cake to release - or one of the US baking sprays such as Baker's Joy or Pam For Baking will work well too.







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