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  • Sugar in Devils Food Cake

    Hello, can I substitute brown sugar for muscavado dark brown sugar in Nigella's Devil's Food Cake recipe?

    From the nigella team:

    Muscovado sugars are unrefined brown sugars which come in lighter forms and darker forms, according to the molasses content in the sugar. The sugars are good for baking as they are moister than regualr sugars and tend to help to add a litte extra moisture to baked goods.

    Nigella's Devii's Food Cake (from Kitchen) uses dark muscovado which is the darkest form of sugar and has a very high molasses content. Whilst it is easily available in the UK it can be harder to find elsewhere. If you can find a soft, moist dark brown sugar then this is a good substitute, or if you can only find a lighter brown sugar then you could use this instead and add a teaspoon of molasses to the mixture.

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