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  • Mould For Chocolate Babycakes

    Hi! The Molten Babycakes look great, but I was just wondering what size of ramekin I should use so it complies with the baking time given in the recipe. Thanks.

    From the nigella team:

    The Molten Chocolate Babycakes (from Domestic Goddess) are usually made in metal "pudding moulds". These are popular and fairly easy to find in the UK but less popular elsewhere, so ramekins are a good alternative. The metal pudding moulds have a capacity, when filled to the brim, of about 170ml. For the US this is a capacity of 7 ounces, or just over 2/3 cup. You should try to find ramekins of a similar capacity, and bear in mind that they should not be too shallow (about 7cm/2 3/4 inches high, if possible).

    It is also worth bearing in mind that the Babycakes in a ramekin may take a minute or two longer to bake. The metal moulds heat up very quickly whereas porcelain or earthenware ramekins will take slightly longer to heat up. So check the Babycakes after the recommended 10-12 minutes baking time - they should have developed a light crust but still be soft and gooey in the centre. If they still look slightly unset around the very edges then give them an extra minute or two and check again, though be careful and don't let them set fully.

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