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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Storing Hokey Pokey

    Hello! I was thinking of making Hokey Pokey as a gift for my work colleagues. How long will it last for?

    From the nigella team:

    Nigella's Hokey Pokey, or honeycomb candy, (from Nigella Express) is made from sugar, syrup and bicarbonate of soda and so theoretically should not turn bad for some time. The main problem is that it will soften over time, so the conditions of storage will be the main factor in how long the Hokey Pokey lasts.

    Unfortunately sugar is hygroscopic, meaning that attracts water, and in items like meringues and Hokey Pokey the sugar will absorb moisture from the air around it, which turns the meringue or candy soft. If you live in a warm and humid environment then unfortunately the Hokey Pokey may not last more than a day or two without softening. If you can keep the candy in a dry, cool environment then we would suggest a keeping time of about 2 weeks. 

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