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14th October 2011

14th October 2011

Anyone who was brought up on Dr Seuss knows about green eggs and ham, but I present to you now my children's favourite: blue mash. Not one drop of food colouring is involved: the potatoes - Salad Blue, an old 'heritage' crop- used to make them are, in fact, underneath their dark skin, an electric purple, as you can see in my colander, and once they're cooked they turn modishly mauve.

I then push them through the ricer, and when I've got my purple pile of potato-worms, I beat them with warm full fat milk (actually, I go beyond to Gold Top Jersey milk) and more butter than I can quite admit out loud until they are as violet as Liz Taylor's eyes.


I have a sack of Highland Burgundy potatoes too, so next up: red chips!

For those who want to know how to get some of these special spuds, go to Heritage Potatoes.