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1st June 2012

1st June 2012

I am not usually a bunting kind of person, but such is the gaiety of the nation and Diamond Jubilation that I can't seem to help myself. So I kick the weekend off with a batch of celebratory cupcakes - simple enough to make, just the love buns recipe but topped with royal icing, the instant packet sort - and am mulling over what else could be rustled up. I'm  tending towards my rocky road crunch bars since they are really a variation of that regal favourite, the chocolate refrigerator cake, and I also think that the gorgeously golden fruit cake would be good for those who are unfortunate enough to have to be gluten-free eaters only. And the Forgotten Pudding has all the Union Jack colours and is very easy to whip up.

If any form of cooking is unfeasible, then it has to be a round of Jam Pennies, apparently the Queen's fave and to be accompanied by Earl Grey tea. These are sandwiches made out of soft white bread, spread with seedless raspberry jam (I would add butter first) and cut into circles the size of Old Pennies (about 5cm/ 2 inches).  They look rather like a British nursery take on those French macaroons when piled up on a plate. And for a savoury choice, obviously it has to be cucumber sandwiches: unorthodox it may be, but I like the bread thinly spread with cream cheese rather than butter.

Let the street party begin!