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20th March 2013

20th March 2013

Since I am still getting over a vile bout of flu (not that there is any other sort) I am feeling rather fragile, as indicated by the length of parcel tape I had to cut off and stick to my t-shirt, and not up to any strenuous activity in the kitchen. Nevertheless, children need to be fed, so robust food is called for. This is by way of introducing my supper from last night, which I tweeted and then was asked so repeatedly for the recipe, I promised I'd post what instructions I have.

I'm sure I will get round to writing some sort of recipe proper one day, and a little finessing would not go amiss, but the plain dish of potatoes, onions and pork belly slices as cooked works well enough, and so I'm happy to share what I did. Namely, I cut 3 potatoes (I didn't weigh them, but I'd guess them to be about 225g/8oz each, and had I had 4 in the house, I'd have used 4!) into slices about 2cm/ half an inch thick and cut each slice into 4. This is a bit of a post-hoc rationalization as I frankly don't pay an awful lot of attention to precise measurments. Anyway, I then peeled and chopped an onion, somewhere between finely and roughly. I drizzled a shallow oven tin with some garlic-infused oil (although any oil would do) and tumbled in the potatoes followed by the onions. Then I covered these with 12 pork belly slices. I used to have to get the pork belly slices from my butcher, but now I find them at the supermarket, by the way.

Had I not been cooking for my children, I'd have probably added some sage and thyme, but we're going through a bit of a "no green bits" phase again, so I just put this tray into a hot oven (about 210C) for an hour and 40 minutes, until the potatoes around the edge of the tin were scorched, the potatoes beneath the pork belly slices meltingly soft, and the pork belly slices bronzed and crisp on top.  Heartily recommended!

The pork belly slices, with potatoes and onions at the bottom,  before it goes into the oven.



The pork belly slices, potatoes and onions, cooked and ready to be eaten.