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22nd September 2012

22nd September 2012

It's a strange thing to be so many miles away in LA when Nigellissima airs on Monday. It's on BBC2 at 8.30 (after University Challenge, one of my favourite programmes) and this Monday - the 24th - the very first episode (of 6 plus a one-hour Christmas special for later) goes out, complete with recipes for Tuscan Fries, Italian-sliced steak, chocolate hazelnut cheesecake and my children's favourite "Meatzza" plus my own fave, Sicilian pasta with a near-instant, no-cook sauce. If you want to see in advance what ingredients might be helpful to have should you want to rustle some of the above up, then go to the shopping list and you can also check out the stockists page on nigella.com should your local shops not be forthcoming and you need an online purveyor for anything in particular.


I know this tv-trumpeting is a bit irksome for those of you not in the UK, but as soon as I've got firm dates for when Nigellissima, the series, is going out in other countries, I will be sure to put the relevant details on the website.

But for those of you in Blighty, I really hope you enjoy the programmes. I'm certainly excited for you to see them. And should you miss the show on Monday, you can watch it at your leisure on BBC iplayer ...