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30th April 2012

30th April 2012

I have been so bad at updating my Witter and for that I apologise. It's been one of those manic times - in a good way, though. So, here we are, now beginning the final week of the shoot, and although it's been crazy, I will really miss it. One of the things I love beyond all else is making a book, seeing my recipes come to life on the page with photographs and being an active part of that. I like seeing the house turned into a prop store/studio with my china stacked up, some borrowed linen and boards everywhere with the modern equivalent of polaroids tracking our progress.

But of course, the making part is drawing to a close, and I quite sad that any minute now, the book will be taken away from me and printed. Yes, it's a good thing - a very good thing, I hope - but such is my personality that I always have a recipe I want to add, or a comment I want to make, some fiddling here or there, and any minute now my publisher is going to say 'Basta!!' - Enough!

Until then, however, it's full throttle ahead and I hope you all enjoy your week as much as I plan to enjoy mine!