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3rd April 2012

3rd April 2012

You will see that our Easter Top 5 recipes are now up - Hot Cross Buns, Aromatic Lamb Shank Stew, Kedgeree Risotto, Easter Egg Nest Cake and - since it is also Passover, an Apple and Almond Cake  - and there are plenty of other recipes that are perfect for now in the recipe section. I, for one, feel that the Lemon Meringue Cake is a lovely way to celebrate this Spring holiday and I routinely bring out my Hummus with Seared Lamb and Toasted Pine Nuts. Well, lamb plus Easter does make sense!

Back to my cell now. I'm meant to finish Nigellissima by end of Easter, as we begin taking the photographs the Wednesday after. So Happy Easter or any other festival you're celebrating. As for me, just wish me luck!