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I absolutely love my work

I absolutely love my work

I absolutely love my work - well, why wouldn't I? - but sometimes it stops me from doing other things I want to do, like coming on to the site for a bit of a catch-up.

As ever, my book took rather longer than it should have, partly because I did the App in the middle of it, and partly because I kept adding recipes and rejigging things. So, for the past couple of months, I've pretty well been shut in my study, slaving over a hot computer. But now the book - a whopping 500 pages of it - is finished and will be out at the beginning of September.

Now I'm filming the tv series and having a lot of fun, but it does rather keep me away from my computer and this site. Much as I do miss coming on here, I know you'll be patient with me, and I really hope you enjoy the book and the series when they both come out.