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The Taste Episode 2

I am both happy and full of angst.  The reasons for my happiness are twofold: Renatta and Lauren. My anxiety is partly fuelled by an ongoing irritation at my failure to go with my instinct and choose Tod's spoon, but majorly because tonight I have to find another two contestants. So many spoonfuls to eat (and, no, I'm not looking for sympathy!) and only two more places in my kitchen. I pray I find the right two, but I have faith and greed, both of which I trust will lead me to glory tonight. And this time, I am not going to ignore my instincts!

Episode Two of The Taste airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

And please always feel free to tweet me @nigella_lawson, you might not get an instant reply becuase I'm not in the US, and make sure to add the Taste hashtag #thetaste and, should you feel that way inclined, #teamNigella.



Posted by Nigella on the 29th Jan 2013