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Well, I can't say that it's all been plain sailing for Team Nigella, but that's life. Besides, there can be only one winner, and my girls are still in it to win it!

I'm particularly excited about tonight's Episode, The Art of The Sandwich, not only because in my book pretty much anything's good when put between two slices of bread, but also because the sandwich is an English invention. The story goes that John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, invented it as he was sitting at the card table and wanted to carry on gambling while he ate, and so put his food between a couple of pieces of bread.

That's the past, but we now look to the future - and let's hope Team Nigella's gamble pays off tonight. Stay tuned: The Taste airs on ABC 8/7c and on CTV at 8pm.  

Posted by Nigella on the 19th Feb 2013