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It's all getting a bit tense on The Taste now. Well, it's hard for all of us to see good cooks go home, but anyone - however gifted - can make a mistake and, indeed, we all do! Not much consolation to Team Nigella, however, though it is the case that there can be only one winner, so I don't lose hope. Lauren's certainly got what it takes.

Now, tonight's episode is our Nose To Tail show - that's to say, the challenge is to cook with all those unfamiliar inner bits and offcuts that many are squeamish about. I won't tell you now exactly what Team Nigella will be tackling, but let's just say, Gents, cross your legs!

Keep those tweets coming to me at @nigella_lawson and @theTasteABC making sure to hashtag your tweets #TasteTuesday
Also, do take note that tonight the time changes to 9/8c.


Posted by Nigella on the 26th Feb 2013