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Pasta Recipes

My starting point with pasta, portionwise, is 100g dried weight of pasta per person for a main, on average; there are variables, of course, appetite and age chief among them. Other factors that come into play, when it comes to weight out pasta, are what – if anything – else is being eaten and which kind of sauce partners it.

But before we go any further, I must tell you about the Italian technique of holding back some pasta-cooking water to help bind a sauce to the pasta. Please, promise me that you will get into the habit of doing this every time you cook pasta. Indeed, you should make yourself incapable of draining pasta without first lowering a small cup into the cooking water to remove and reserve some for the sauce.

If it makes your life easier (not too much bubbling away on the stove), when you’re feeding a lot of people, you can follow a pasta-cooking tip from Anna Del Conte: the Vincenzo Agnesi method, which reduces the risk of overcooking and is as follows. Bring your water to the boil, add salt, then tip in the pasta, stirring well to make sure it’s all in and not clumped together. Once the water comes back to the boil, let the pasta cook for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover the pan with a clean, thin tea towel (not a waffle-textured one) and clamp on a tight-fitting lid. Let the pasta stand like this for as long as the packet tells you to cook it normally. When the time is up, drain the pasta, remembering to remove a small cupful of cooking water before doing so.

My only remaining word of wisdom on the subject is also from Anna Del Conte and it is that the water you cook pasta in should be as salty as the Mediterranean. Contemporary dietary mores could not run more counter to such a recommendation; you, of course, are free to act on my advice or ignore it as you see fit.

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

I like to use fusilli lunghi, which are like long golden ringlets (or, less poetically, telephone cords) but, if you can't find them,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

This is a real rib-sticker of a soup. Photo by Francesca Yorke.Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

This is definitely time consuming, but I make no apology for that. And there is nothing like serving up a bowl of pasta with meatballs…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

It is not quite normal to feel as joyous as I do when saying the words “Brussels sprouts”, but this recipe does not merely…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 10

As with all dishes that find their way into a country's repertoire, even oddball ones like this, there are many versions of this recipe:…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

This recipe does involve a lot of fiddly preparation, but what it creates is addictive; every mouthful repays the effort a hundredfold.…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2-3

This is child's play to make, and I use the term advisedly, since it is the invention of my then ten-year-old son Bruno (Brunostrone,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

I do realize that a dish that needs an hour in the oven, might not, at first glance, seem to qualify for the epithet "quick", but…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2-3 children

When my children were younger, this was always one of their favourite teas and is now one of their favourite suppers. It serves 2…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

You might label this shiny black musselled variation of linguine alle vongole, linguine alle cozze, but to be frank, this version…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

Although this recipe does not itself issue from Italy, the inspiration is entirely Italian. One of my favourite things to eat is a…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6-8

My children wouldn't care if all I ever gave them was pasta with some bottled sauce poured over, and I don't deny that's sometimes…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

I’m just going to say it: this is the best macaroni cheese I’ve ever eaten. I don’t feel it’s boastful to…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

I have a feeling that this is another recipe with a del Conte derivation, although I have cooked it so often over the years, I can't…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 2

‘Ragout’ is French, ‘ragù’ Italian, and this meat sauce is certainly inspired by the Sicilian combination…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4 heartily

This is in one sense wholly un-Italian, and yet the inspiration for it is the traditional pasta alla Norma, which combines aubergines…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6 children, give or take

I'm sure that children's rights activists will think it cruel and wrong to lie to children, but there is no way I would ever tell…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

To go with these divine meatballs, I like tagliatelle. De Cecco, Spinosi or Cipriani brands are all very good, but making fresh pasta…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 8

This is a shorthand for Mexican-inspired ingredients piled up in lasagne-like fashion. In place of pasta layers, there are soft tortillas…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

Well, how could I resist this translation of pasta alla puttanesca, whore's pasta as it usually is described in English? The general…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

This is one of my proudest creations and, I suppose, a good example of a recipe that isn't originally from Italy, but sits uncontroversially…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6 as a starter, 4 as a main

You know, I'd eaten this a couple of times and made it myself (throwing in handfuls of peppery watercress as I did so) a few more…Read on

Posted by Community      Serves 6

A typical Gargano dish that was first cooked for us by my dad's 75 year old cousin. I'd always turned up my nose at cuttlefish but…Read on

Posted by tess.ward      Serves serves 2

This is a 15 minutes quick dish. It is quick, fresh and light and a refreshing break from the heavy duty winter dishes. Perfect for…Read on

Posted by Coby      Serves 6

I made this dish up years ago, and it's still popular in our family. Pasta and chicken are two of our favourites, and I just adore…Read on

Posted by eman      Serves serves 4_6

Very delicious Egyptian recipe for pasta. If you eat it once then you will not stop asking for more.Read on

Posted by Coby      Serves 4

Rich and decadent, this is still mildly flavoured enough for my kids to like it, in spite of the strong cheese. Don't add salt to…Read on

Posted by The Gourmet Vegan      Serves 2-4

This is such a comforting dish and a must cook for any pasta lover. These delightful bean balls are so incredibly simple to make (they…Read on

Posted by FrancescafromItaly      Serves 4

Another recipe from my maternal grandmother!Read on

Posted by belgrade      Serves 2
Posted by ChrisRSA      Serves 4

This is a favourite of my OH. Even though I can't eat it myself I don't mind cooking it for him, I'm allergic :-(    Serve…Read on

Posted by UNA ROSSA IN CUCINA      Serves 4

A traditional first course for Sunday lunch. If you've never ventured into the preparation of home-made pasta, well this is the time…Read on

Posted by maja_pravo@yahoo.com      Serves 2

This is a recipe that I have always been proud, because behind it lies a little history regarding my trip to Italy a few years ago.…Read on

Posted by Shubi      Serves 2-3

If you love hearing the crunch while eating vegetables and if you love pasta, this one is for you. The tomato sauce base will make…Read on

Posted by aussie_sarah      Serves 1

I made this for lunch today when I should have been studying. It's a good way to use up all the leftover bits and pieces that I always…Read on

Posted by caris      Serves 0

I almost always use a punnet (about 250g) of baby cherry, roma or plum tomatoes instead of chopping up big tomatoes. I roast them…Read on

Posted by Ann-Christin      Serves 1

I love this pasta dish when I come home after work, because it is very easy and quick. It´s very tasty - try it :)Read on

Posted by toowoombagirl      Serves 2

I just love this pasta any time of the year it is a great stand by meal as I always keep at least one chorizo sausage in the freezer…Read on

Posted by toowoombagirl      Serves 2

This has to be one of my favourite meals in summer because you can eat however much you like and it is a very fresh and light meal…Read on

Posted by toowoombagirl      Serves 2

This is my mums favourite pasta she loves the zinginess of it and how quick and light it is.Read on

Posted by starch&dairy      Serves 6.

Spicy, lightly sweet, briny, and sensual: this one was inspired by Nigella's watercress and crabmeat linguine, but influenced by the…Read on

Posted by megan      Serves 4

This is a lovely, light entree. I love the combination of the citrus, shrimp and pasta. I had something similar to this dish in a…Read on

Posted by Meggy      Serves 4-6

I am fortunate to have children who eat everything (I thank me alone for this) but, there are many who eat not much at all. I developed…Read on

Posted by vines      Serves 2

My friends enjoy this east-west pasta. It uses readily prepared blackpepper stirfry sauce (comes in packets or bottles) available…Read on

Posted by amanda n      Serves -

This recipe was named out of pure desperation! I was trying to get my boys to try this pasta sauce and they refused...so I named it…Read on

Posted by symphony0509      Serves 4

A meatless pasta delight that my family and friends enjoy... and incredibly easy to make too!Read on

Posted by Sambo      Serves 2

The quickest, easiest and tastiest pasta recipe on the planet.Read on

Posted by Monica      Serves 4 generously

This is a Bill Granger recipe and it can be made either with fresh or canned tuna.Read on

Posted by Sandi      Serves 2-4

A super simple quick and easy dish for either starter or main meal.Read on

Posted by Monica      Serves 1

Fabulous quick and easy pasta dishRead on

Posted by Monica      Serves 2

This came about as a bit of an emergency meal - what have I got that will fill a gap NOW!Read on

Posted by Kukka      Serves 2

This is an easy, quick and delicious pasta for two hungry people.Read on

Posted by budgiesgirl      Serves 2

One of our family's favourite pasta dishes!!! Great, easy to make, tasty pasta for 2. (In our case 2 1/2) Goes well with a good verdelho.Read on

Posted by Monica      Serves 4

This is my version of Lasagne. I haven't given a recipe for the cheese sauce because, frankly, I mostly buy a tub of fresh 4 cheese…Read on

Posted by dipsy      Serves as required

fat free dish ideal for diets. chicken and pasta sprinkled with cyprus goats cheese.Read on

Posted by Chicca      Serves 4

Bigoi are a sort of spaghetti, made with eggs (you can use just spaghetti :) ) and salsa is the italian word for sauce. It's a very…Read on

Posted by sineadkb      Serves 4

Cold pasta salad suitable for summer, especially with barbecues and the like.Read on

Posted by wandernut      Serves 8

It's spicy. It's got zing. A pasta with a slightly Asian twist. Very easy to make. And you can adjust the chili or garlic to your…Read on

Posted by sineadkb      Serves 4

Pasta in a tomato sauce with bacon and onions!Read on

Posted by PurpleGirl      Serves -

Called Italian only because the ingredients are red, white and green and not because there's anything Italian about it!!! Easy to…Read on

Posted by paola78      Serves 4-6

This dish is a family favorite. Smooth cheese flavored and hugged by lasagne sheets, smothered in your favorite bottled pasta sauce…Read on

Posted by Edda      Serves 4

Yummy garlicky sauce to eat with pasta, and feel thrifty to boot! Serves 4 big eaters who like to smother their pasta...Read on

Posted by Zoheb      Serves 4-6

This delicious Italian recipe was givin to me by a friend of mine in Naples, Italy.Read on

Posted by jensy      Serves 0

Super tasty pasta dish.Read on

Posted by 01shunt      Serves 2

Stuffed pasta shells, with home made mayo, tuna and sweetcorn.Read on

Posted by Deb f      Serves 1

Well, not a recipe as such, just a crazy made up snack that I am sure you will go for. Try it, I know it's weird but hey you eat raw…Read on

Posted by joshi      Serves 4

This is a delightful quick and easy recipe for a pasta sauce that features in many books (including Rick Stein's) though few realise…Read on

Posted by Glitters      Serves 2-4

This recipe was passed onto me by a very good friend of mine in NY, its truly yummy and full of flavour! Pure comfort food :)Read on

Posted by Coby      Serves 4

This recipe will work using just button mushrooms and a regular pasta sauce. It will taste really good though if you use a quality…Read on

Posted by Lottie      Serves 4

This is a recipe given to me many years ago by a Brazillian girl I used to work with. I don't what inspired her but this has been…Read on

Posted by caswa      Serves 6 as salad

Yummy pasta salad great for entertaining. Mayonaise can be substituted for sour cream to make a great pasta main.Read on

Posted by scoffypig      Serves 4

I make this when I want something quick, easy and delicious:Read on

Posted by cshankar      Serves 2-4

My mother was away for a week or so and therefore, I had to cook. This was what I came up with and it doesn't taste so bad (almost…Read on

Posted by Community      Serves 4

A low-fat but utterly moreish mixed seafood pasta bake. Preparation Time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour 5 minutesRead on

Posted by Fern      Serves 2

Delicious warm brie pasta!Read on

Posted by Fern      Serves 2

If you love caesar salad...you will adore this recipe. I had something similar in Newport Beach, California. I recreated this...and…Read on

Posted by Coby      Serves 4 - 6

I made this up for nights when I am time poor. This works well with good shop bought pesto. For variations try it with a few cups…Read on

Posted by Inga.D      Serves 2

I love pasta, and this is my favourite sauce that I created one night, it's so easy and quick and sooo tasty.Read on

Posted by CamFoodie      Serves 1-4

It is a rare week in my life that doesn't feature this meal at least once. I eat it after rowing. I eat it before a long, uninterrupted…Read on

Posted by Evie      Serves 2-4

Yummy lamb pasta dish which is handy to stash in the freezer for those days you hit the ground running.Read on

Posted by purple sage      Serves 2-3

This is So simple and delicious. You must try it!Read on

Posted by pjr      Serves 2

This is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. I got this recipe from a lady called Sue, who i worked with at Inverallen and have…Read on

Posted by mscash      Serves 4

An absolute must try. I use linguini pasta as it's my favourite. This recipe is requested weekly at my house.Read on

Posted by claudia      Serves 4

Pasta all'amatriciana is a traditional recipe from a little town near Rome and - as happens usually - there isn't a only way to cook…Read on

Posted by ScrummyDoDa      Serves 2-4

Made this while I was bored and the boyfriend was play boring computer games! hehe Simply and scrummy to make!Read on

Posted by kirstendk      Serves 1

Hardly qualifies as a recipe, but it's the ultimate comfort food!Read on

Posted by mara2      Serves 3

This recipe comes from a Hungarian magazine.Read on

Posted by Katie Mason      Serves 4

This is soooo Nigella! VERY simple, VERY quick with MAXIMUM taste results. Also it is a meal for the whole family. What more could…Read on

Posted by JennieU      Serves 2

This is a really yummy, simple recipe, although a lot of chopping is involved. I wouldn't worry too much about the ingredient quantities,…Read on

Posted by Howard      Serves 3

Pretty basic simple pasta which I made up tonight when I was cooking for myself, this would be great if you are having guests and…Read on

Posted by kaje      Serves 4

baked pastaRead on

Posted by Glitters      Serves 4

Gorgeous, quick and easy recipe for a mid-week supper! Recipe from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros ;o)Read on

Posted by Glitters      Serves 4 generously

Very tasty quick and easy supper. Recipe from Good Food magazine.Read on

Posted by Glitters      Serves 4

Recipe curtesy of Cookinglight.com. Gorgeous hearty pasta bake.Read on

Posted by janiceward      Serves 2

A simple vegatable pasta dish which i think is best eaten cold- for two. All the instructions are not exact! Enjoy.Read on

Posted by lozfood2407      Serves 0

Its just like spaghetti bolognaise but BetterRead on

Posted by willbo      Serves 4

A rich yet tangy dish which is balanced well by the blandness of the pasta.Read on

Posted by berrylips      Serves 1 - 4

This pasta is certainly not healthy however if you are in need of a treat and fancy something sweet/savoury this would be ideal. my…Read on

Posted by ChrisHammer1971      Serves 10-12

More than a soup...Rachael inspired this vegeterian stew/soup/main dish, but moreso by my love of lentils along with my desire to…Read on

Posted by megan      Serves 4-6

Very easy, very yummy, very rich!Read on

Posted by Admin      Serves 2.

Quick and easy tasty pasta bake!Read on

Posted by CHEESEGIRL      Serves -

A delicious Italian dish full of flavor very easy to prep and cook takes no more than 20 min!Read on

Posted by lmmx      Serves 1-10
Posted by lmmx      Serves 1

Excellent cold pasta salad. Tthis recipe I invented in my kitchen when I was craving a cool food.Read on

Posted by cupcake chaos      Serves 3 - 6

A lovely warming and filling autumnal comforting soupRead on

Posted by Lilybell      Serves 4

So simple & Yummy!! The 4 hours really makes it special!!Read on

Posted by gangrena      Serves 3-4

i love eating at a restaurant called nobo in warsaw. they always have great food, drinks and the atmosphere always is great. the pasta…Read on

Posted by vanessaJacynth      Serves 4

my favourite version after trying lots of different ones with Italian relationsRead on

Posted by WelshRarebit      Serves 4

serves 4, ready in 40 minsRead on

Posted by arista      Serves 4

If you don't want to use meat, or don't have time to simmer the sauce for 2 hours, just leave out the beef, it's still turns out well.…Read on

Posted by Banana Pancakes      Serves 2

Thought I should include this here, as it was the first meal I ever cooked for my husband. It is easy and slurpingly lovely! Just…Read on

Posted by kgw      Serves 3

From Bill Grangers Sydney FoodRead on

Posted by Harvey Nicoll      Serves 2

As usual - Cheats paradise. I make the sauce and keep it in the fridge and then heat it up when I want it, This is fine though as…Read on

Posted by maudiebobo      Serves 2-4

This is my favourite pasta dish. my inspiration for the base of this sauce is taken from patatas bravas but Ive added the cream and…Read on

Posted by arista      Serves 4

Two meals in one - the first night you have sausages with rice and veggies complete with a tomatoey sauce to go over it, and the second…Read on

Posted by Trkishdelight      Serves 2-4

This is one my mother taught me. Its so quick and easy and uses ingredients we all have in our house. Its wonderful as a light meal.Read on

Posted by Trkishdelight      Serves 6

This is a very popular Turkish version of lasagne but not as saucy but with a wonderful thick cheese sauce. Wonderful with a salad…Read on

Posted by Trkishdelight      Serves 2

Great if you have a packet of halloumi cheese handy!! Great for lunch -and low in fat. Enjoy on its own or with chicken or meat.Read on

Posted by Trkishdelight      Serves 4 plus

This is a wonderful meal and so easy. Make the sauce beforehand and heat when needed. I make the sauce the night before and after…Read on

Posted by srivo      Serves 3-4

A rich, creamy soup ( Naples tradition)Read on

Posted by kgw      Serves -

Nearly a store cupboard (well, fridge basics) sauce.Read on

Posted by kgw      Serves 3-4

Jean was the lady I boarded with when I first went to uni; her recipe for bacon and parsley pasta has evolved into one of my all time…Read on

Posted by KitchenGoddess      Serves 4

A really simple, tasty vegetarian pasta dish by Jamie Oliver (Jamie's Dinners). Serves 4.Read on

Posted by Community      Serves 2

A nice pesto, courtesy of a very talented Sicilian chef named Filippo La Mantia. It has all the flavour of the summer....Read on

Posted by kgw      Serves 2-4

This has been somewhat modified from the 'Conchiglioni Pasta with Corn, Peas and Cacio di Fossa' that Andy Bunn contributed to Vogue…Read on

Posted by gibralto      Serves 4

Taking the basics ingredients of Gazpacho...fresh tomatos, red & green bell peppers, flat leaf parsley,garlic, olive oil...all…Read on

Posted by Tams      Serves 1

Spagetti baked with a creamy sauce with chicken, mushrooms and parmesan. Adapted from Jamie O's Italy book. Just leave out chicken…Read on

Posted by Squishy      Serves 4

The lighter side of Alfredo.Read on

Posted by arista      Serves 2

This is a really easy and quick pasta sauce that makes a nice change from tomato sauce or pesto. It's from Stefano de Pieri's 'A Gondola…Read on

Posted by shawn      Serves 4

Pasta with a white sauce mixed with mince and peppers with cheese on top baked in the oven served with sweetcorn Serves 4Read on

Posted by Admin      Serves 4

Quick and easy tasty pasta dish I reckon this would work just as nicely with a savoy cabbage instead of spring greens, if you like.…Read on

Posted by natvamersnow@yahoo.c      Serves 2

This is a basic Italian dish that everyone loves. This is one of those Italian comfort dishes. We always had it on Fridays because…Read on

Posted by Richie      Serves 0

This dish is is a pasta bake with a twist.Read on

Posted by Richie      Serves 2

My own Recipe with cheese and pasta. Preparation time 5mins Cooking Time 15-20mins Serves 2Read on

Posted by Tams      Serves 4

Pasta Baked with a tomato and vegetable sauce.Read on

Posted by Community      Serves 0

When it's hot I don't fancy to cook, this salad could be made in advance and kept into the fridgeRead on

Posted by laine      Serves 4

a delicious dish of pork savoury meatballs served in a bolognese type sauce. served on top of tagliatelle pasta coated in a rich cheese…Read on

Posted by JillyB      Serves 1

A great way to use up left over chicken. Everyone loves this when I put it in a Tupperware for their lunches. Not an original I'm…Read on

Posted by vany.blu      Serves 4

It's Italian spaghetti with canned tunafish, garlic, lemon, parsley and a bit of breadcrumbs.Read on

Posted by KitchenGoddess      Serves 3-6

Supposed to serve 6 people as a starter, although I usually serve it as a main course (for 3) and serve with plenty of crusty bread.Read on

     Serves 2

I made this pasta dish one night just to use up what was in the fridge. It turned out to be quite nice, so now I often make it. It's…Read on

Posted by renee      Serves 4

an easy and quick pasta dishRead on

Posted by missus      Serves 4

The humblest sauce for pasta that you can ever make!Read on

Posted by WelshRarebit      Serves 2-4

Quick, easy and deliciousRead on

Posted by sparkles      Serves serves 4

A quick and tasty pasta dish the whole family will enjoy. Preparation Time 5 minutes Cooking Time 15 minutesRead on

Posted by sparkles      Serves 3-4

A Yummy Pasta Carbonara, which doesn't use cream! (serves 4) Source Australian Delicious. - May 2005 , Page 156Read on

Posted by KieranWateridge      Serves 1

This pasta is one of my favourites. Quick and easy of which I make from ingredients I generally have in my fridge anyhow. Great for…Read on

Posted by alihendo      Serves 2

This recipe is so quick, the sauce cooks in the same time as the pasta.Read on

     Serves serves 4-6

This is a quick and very yummy pasta. I just assemble all the ingredients which I think would make up a yummy pasta for my xmas parties.Read on

Posted by redhead43      Serves 4 - 6

This is the best recipe I have ever had for spag bol- it was given to me about 20yrs ago by an Italian chef I worked with- it was…Read on

Posted by StoupaTart      Serves 2

This was one of my favourite meals when dieting - tasty and filling. If you're following Weight Watchers this comes out at 5.5 points…Read on

Posted by passionfruit      Serves 4.

An easy non-cook pasta dressing.Read on

Posted by Sneha      Serves 2

The other day I tried this pasta with available vegetables in the refrigerator but it really turned out well.Read on

Posted by Sneha      Serves 2

I love pasta and I thought to make a Noodle version of it as I am fond of specific Chinese food.Read on

Posted by Community      Serves as required

The keys to the success of this salad are the dressing and the tasty morsels of fried chicken. Great to take along to a friend's party…Read on

Posted by miss emmalou      Serves 4

This is a favourite, easy standby of mine.Read on

Posted by isabellesmama      Serves 1-2

My husband and I had this dish (in a slightly different form) at our favourite Italian restaurant in Brussels (Aglio e Olio, near…Read on

Posted by symphony0509      Serves 2

This pasta dish is so simple to make... I call it rogue because there are two components that make it bright red: tomato paste and,…Read on

Posted by CyclingCook      Serves 1

I rustled this up from left overs in the fridge, expecting very little. Then I nearly passed out at how satisfyingly good it was.…Read on

Posted by Monty123      Serves 4

I am submitting this recipe following feedback from the Forum when I was seeking Nigella's recipe for her wondeful Roast Chicken Salad.…Read on

Posted by Tomatoqueen      Serves 2

One of my favourite pasta dishes ever. The flavours combine beautifullyRead on

Posted by StoupaTart      Serves 4

A zesty, spicy pasta recipe that's quick and easy. This is my take on Sophie Grigson's crab dish using store cupboard ingredients.Read on

Posted by ccharliee      Serves 4

Very similar to Nigella's Pasta with peas and Ham but with a few more flavours and is even more filling!Read on

Posted by Community      Serves 2-4

I noticed there wasn't a pasta recipe with these ingredients and it's one of my all time favs. Even my husband can make this one:)Read on

Posted by StoupaTart      Serves 4-6

Just made this out of scraps found in my fridge, and it was pretty tasty! Quick, delicious and healthy - what more do you want?Read on

Posted by SamIAm      Serves 4 to 6.

This is one of my stand by dinners. I make it for my husband and I after a long day, when he would have worked through lunch and is…Read on

Posted by space_kid      Serves 6

Mum makes it in the winter. Comforting and really tasty! If you like cinnamon and tomato and meat and pasta this recipe is for you!…Read on

Posted by Boo1      Serves 4 servings

It's yummy and you can put in various ingredients, whatever suits your taste buds.Read on

Posted by Sharnii      Serves 4

I Made This As Quick Fix For My Family Last Winter And It Was An Instant Hit. I Soon Ended Up Making It More Often Than I Thought!Read on

Posted by Razzy      Serves 4

A mince dish that's a little differentRead on

Posted by Bianca456      Serves 4-6

A spicy little variation on the Italian classic.Read on

Posted by ugeen      Serves 2-3

We just love pasta because it's really fast to prepare and has a smoky rich flavor to it.Read on

Posted by jonathan.baker87      Serves On its own - 2, with a salad 3

My all time favourite vegetarian meal. It is rich, warming and just damn fabulous.Read on

Posted by Twinks      Serves 4-6

this recipe was taught to me by my friends italian grandmother. It's not the quickest of dishes to prepare, but its really worth the…Read on

Posted by Raha Lane      Serves 4-6

This is so simple and delicious.Read on

Posted by TamuAndMina      Serves 6-8 people

We were inspired by our aunty, who cooks food beautifully in layers. We had our own go.Read on

Posted by SAFruitCake      Serves 4

This is a Weigh Less recipe, but after trying it once, it has become one of our favourites.Read on

     Serves This recipe will make enough f

This is a very traditional pasta dish from Parma. Every year on 23 June for the Feast of Saint Giovanni everyone in the Emilia Romagna…Read on

Posted by katiafromitaly      Serves 4

I like this recipe because it is easy to make and nice to taste cold, so you can leave it cool or carry with you at work.Read on

Posted by anacabana      Serves as many as you like

Fantastically easy and delicious pasta!Read on

Posted by guptamona      Serves 2

Good for supperRead on

Posted by Sheryll      Serves 4-6 people

I'm not sure if I gave this dish the right title, but this is what I know it to be. This is one of my family's favorite pasta dishes.…Read on

Posted by Mandy_C      Serves 4-6

This luxurious filling for cannelloni is a great alternative to a traditional ragu. The smoked salmon adds a subtle but deep flavour,…Read on

Posted by joost      Serves 2

My colleague Frans gave me this recipe and I've loved it ever since I first tried it. He was given it by a friend called Roos, and…Read on

Posted by Rockvale      Serves 4

Simply, easy to make but delicious to taste!Read on

Posted by MKTH      Serves 4

This is a very comforting and quick pasta to make when you have not been to the shops. It is a family favourite. I devised it one…Read on

Posted by capricorn69      Serves 2

I learnt this recipe from Italian friends I lived with and I want to share it with like-minded peopleRead on

Posted by KennethBagley      Serves 1 0r 2

Ok I have to tell you that you have shared so many recipes with me that I have LOVED TO DEATH, so I have to share this one with you…Read on

Posted by thesquidinkgazette      Serves 2

When Michael Phelps was training for the Beijing Olympics he ate two pounds of pasta. Per meal. His side dishes were usually a couple…Read on

Posted by martyroxx      Serves 4

This is a very quick and yummi recipe... just try it out, it will take just 15 minutes of your time!Read on

Posted by lovebeesknees      Serves 4

I created this by accident, and the kids loved it!Read on

Posted by deadcellsociety      Serves 6

An interesting spin on the traditional Italian classic, using up what I had left in the fridge one afternoon and found it to be a…Read on

Posted by HannaBerlin      Serves 2-4

While this is definitely health food it's also nourishing and incredibly tasty. It's made in fifteen minutes and out of ingredients…Read on

Posted by Wingman      Serves 6-8

This is the perfect way to use up some winter veggies at the beginning of summer, and it tastes great!Read on

Posted by NzElle      Serves 2

This is a favourite weekend dish because it is so delicious, yet quick and easy to prepare.Read on

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