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Sofa Side Snacks Recipes

Posted by Nigella      Makes 450ml / scant 2 cups

This chilli sauce is big – big flavour, big kick, big reward. The name, however, derives from the fact that the recipe was given…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 1 quesadilla

Just thinking of these makes me salivate: these toasted sandwiches have the perfect more-ish mixture between thin crisp crust and…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 1

I beg you to keep the wherewithal for this fantastic instant snack-cum-supper in your storecupboard. It's a lifesaver! I've given…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4

I am almost indecently excited about the kick off of the World Cup, and by way of celebration give you my Soccermole. This, you won't…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 6

You might think that nuts, untampered with, are perfect picking food as they are, and up to a point you'd be right. But try these,…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 6 pieces

I have never really thought of myself as a person who could wrap, fold or fiddle about with food or felt that way inclined. But you…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 12 cookies

Along with chocolate, there is much comfort to be gleaned from reading cookbooks. This recipe combines two loves by being chocolatey…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Yield 50 / 25 sausages

I couldn’t help myself. I can’t have a party without some cocktail sausages and wanted to make them just a little bit…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes about 8 bulging pittas

Think hamburger, Middle-Eastern style. And if this isn't enough of a come-on, think again. I am mad for these pitta-sandwiches smeared…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes approx. 14

It seems strange that I’ve managed to write seven books without one plain chocolate chip cookie (by which I mean a plain cookie…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 1

Let's not mess around: you want trashy, I'll give you trashy - I'll give you the King. This recipe, for want of a better word, comes…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Makes 12

These mini meatloves are best eaten cold, either dunked in mayo, ketchup, brown sauce or mustard, or sliced up and made into sandwiches…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Serves 4-6

Although I have called this incredible dip roquamole, I think it may be better made with a less illustrious bleu. St Agur out of a…Read on

Posted by Nigella      Yield enough for a party of 10

Peanut butter hummus doesn't have an elegant ring to it, but elegant is exactly what this is. Rather than using tahini, which is in…Read on

Posted by Dustbunny      Serves Makes about 1.5 cups of dip. I

This is the go-to meal at our house when I can't face "real" cooking. It's from Everyday Italian with Giada De Laurentiis.Read on