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Win a cookbook signed by Nigella in the May Cookalong

This month’s Cookalong, Breakfast Bars, is an instant breakfast or indeed anytime snack, and it’s so easy to do. Once you have mixed together and baked this seed-studded mix, you can cut into bars and store in an airtight container for your busy week ahead. Don’t be afraid to play with what goes in (though keep to quantities: mix in the seeds you favour; or experiment with a different nut if you like. But once you have made them you must photograph your bars, add your caption, then send it to us, and you will then be in the running to win a signed book of Nigella’s. We will upload your entry, and will announce the winner after the end of the month. 

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Last Month's Winner

Nigella and her team are busy deliberating the results of last month's cookalong. Please check back regularly to see when we've chosen a winner.

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