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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Strawberry Almond Crumble With Raspberries

    Can I use frozen raspberries instead of strawberries in Nigella's Strawberry And Almond Crumble?

    From the nigella team:

    Nigella's Strawberry And Almond Crumble (from Kitchen and on the Nigella website) uses the under-ripe fresh strawberries that sometimes appear in the supermarket. Baking them helps to soften the berries and improve the flavour. However the strawberries will still retain some shape, even after they are baked. Raspberries could be used but raspberries, and particularly frozen ones, will tend to soften more as they are cooked and you could find that you will have a much softer fruit layer underneath the crumble topping.

    You could also try making up the crumble topping for the Strawberry And Almond Crumble but then cooking the crumble following the instructions for the Jumbleberry Crumble recipe (using 100g of frozen raspberries). The fruit is divided between individual dishes and sprinkled with sugar and also cornflour (cornstarch), as this helps to thicken the extra juices that come out of the frozen fruit.

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